The most beautiful woman in china' once played the king of the girl country.

"The most beautiful woman in China" once acted as the king of the girl country

Time flies away and never returns. The steps of summer vacation have left us far away, the school bell has rung. Looking back on the past summer vacation, I do not know which classic TV series accompany you? When it comes to the TV series that will be broadcast during summer vacation, many viewers will blurt out a few, such as My Fair Princess "Series," deep love "," Journey to the West "... When it comes to Journey to the West, it has been a childhood companion for many viewers. She also appeared in Journey to the West Zhu Lin, .

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Zhu Lin, who was born in Beijing in 1952 and is a state-level actor, is known as "" the most beautiful woman in China" ". There was no beauty or filter in Zhu Lin's time. But Zhu Lin's level of physical appearance is truly unmatched, and the title of "China's most beautiful woman" is not an empty suit.

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Zhu Lin loved art from an early age and learned dance gymnastics. In 1980,Zhu Lin,started his acting career by playing technician shen hong in the xi 'an film studio film "traitor" by chance.

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Since then,Zhu Lin,has appeared in a number of films and TV series. Zhu Lin's one of the most classic TV series of the 80s Triumph in the night "Jiangman, an experimental heroine, won the fifth" popular TV "" golden eagle" award for best actress.

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Zhu Lin has created a lot of characters, from the infatuated woman shuangchi in the big qinqiang opera to the generous and kind country doctor dalan in the quiet birch forest.Zhu Lin,has been performing for the audience on the silver screen. In addition to film and television works,Zhu Lin,also appeared in drama, such as looking for a playwright, doubt "...

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In fact, Zhu Lin's most well-known role in the TV seriesJourney to the Westhas become a classic in audiences' minds. That one "jade emperor elder brother" is really crisp turn numerous audience, a lot of audience see the female child country king of time, still took out the idea that let tang monk do not go to get scriptures again, hope tang monk and female child country king together. Tang's monk leave of time, that one "jade emperor elder brother, if have afterlife, marry me good", really classic sentence! Its temperament, soft and tender like water, the audience can not forget for a long time.

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WhenJourney to the Westwas on, some viewers extended their emotions on television. At the time,Zhu Lin,also played tang seng Xu Shaohua (actor) There's been gossip, Zhu Lin's secret crush and all that sort of stuff, but the rumors are just rumors.

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Zhu Lin, who had a failed marriage, walked down the aisle again in 2005. After marriage,Zhu Lin,keeps a low profile with her husband, although she is a dink family. No children, but husband and wife are very affectionate.Zhu Lin,is now in his 60s. But judging from the recent photos, she is still graceful, graceful and has a "goddess fan".

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Although time has left a lot of traces for the most beautiful "girl country" king,Zhu Lin,has been praised by the public for his generous manner and unpretentious speech, and the graceful beauty of women is embodied in his body incisively and vividly.

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