Story of yanxi palace episode 1: Wei Yingluo entered into the palace for the first time.

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Empress CP

Wei Yingluo entered into the palace

Emperor Fucha

Recently, the chinese drama “Story of Yanxi Palace” is very hot, especially the Emperor Qianlong ( Nie Yuan play) and Queen Fucha( Qin Lan play), the super sweet daily life of the Empress CP. They are very happiness, and they are married at 16-year-old. Although Qianlong had a lot of imperial concubines in his life, but he loved her alone. Especially after the death of Queen Fucha, the Emperor Qianlong not only did not let any imperial concubines wait for the night, but also retained the original appearance of the Fuchun Palace of Fucha for more than 40 years, and even made many poems for the Queen Fucha. The sentence is deeply affectionate and was named by the descendants as the best poem written by Emperor Qianlong. Similarly, Queen Fucha’s love for Qianlong is also quite a bit, especially on the occasion of his life, Fuchao Queen recommended his most trusted Wei Wei to the emperor, and also told Wei Wei to support the Emperor Qianlong. Help him to be a good man. In fact, Wei Wei did not bear the heavy burdens. With the courage, the astute and flexible mind, and the broad and broad mind, he resolved the difficulties of the court and finally became the aunt of the prosperity of the Qianlong.

Wei Yingluo

Wei Yingluo into the palace

Story of Yanxi Palace mainly tell us that the Story of Wei Yingluo, who is a belly black girl when she just entered the palace.With the help of Queen Fucha.She grow up to be honest and strong.Story of Yanxi Palace episode 1: Wei Yingluo entered into the palace for the first time.Story of Yanxi Palace episodes

On the second day of the second month of the sixth year of qianlong reign, wei gem entered the palace together with other maidens to be selected. As they passed in front of a group of women waiting to be selected from the temple, one of them, jixiang, a waiting maid, accidentally knocked over a bucket of water and soiled the dress of the woman, uya qingdai. Uya's rage, to punish the auspicious, gem step forward, the lotus sole of uya's lotus with powders, save the auspicious. Emperor, empress and gao guifei jointly presided over the selection of the temple. Gao guifei to the queen's speech disrespectful, very arrogated, but the queen does not care. Then she saw that the emperor only had the queen in his eyes and was jealous of her. When the temple was selected, gao guifei echoed the emperor's comments on the women. When it came to uya's turn, her step - by - step lotus attracted much attention. When she was very proud, the emperor was very angry and ordered her to be carried out of the palace on the grounds of seducing the Lord. He even asked her family to commit crimes together, causing the waiting girls to panic. Then, the emperor was not in a good mood, and he left quickly after leaving behind the snow of nalan, who had entered the palace with uya. Gao guifei also then retired, leaving the queen alone in this temple election. At the same time, waiting for the selection of palace women are being examined embroidery workers. Jixiang hurt his hand because he had been punished by uya before. He accidentally stained the embroidery with blood. She turned to her friend linglong for help, but she was refused. When cornered, gem once again extended a hand to her, exchanging her unfinished designs for auspiciousness, helping her to tide over difficulties, and the two became friends.

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