Ma sichun break up 64 days after first public response to break up three sentences show attitude not to mention oho ou

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Ma Sichun In his first public response to the breakup 64 days later, he said nothing Oho Ou

August has long been quietly gone. In August, many fans who are optimistic about their relationship announced their separation. Therefore, a new name was born in August. Today, we're talking about a star who broke up in August. She's Ma Sichun.

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Ma Sichun graduated from communication university of China, a mainland actress. At the age of seven, Ma Sichun starred in his first film, Three peoples winter. In 2007, Ma Sichun became known as the model for Rao Xueman's novel "sweet and sour". Ma Sichun is the first work in the entertainment circle Xiaodong Guo She starred in the urban romance drama Dvoe, where she played the heroine si chun who dared to love and hate.

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Since then, Ma Sichun has starred in many film and television works, such as TheLeftEar ","He came, please close your eyes."," Tomb Notes "," Soulmate And the recent hit TV series Age of legends ".

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When talking about TheLeftEar, I have to tell the story between Ma Sichun and Oho Ou. Oho Ou and Ma Sichun fell in love after co-starring in the film TheLeftEar, and their public relationship was on Ma Sichun's birthday in 2017. After the couple announced their relationship, they were also blessed by netizens.

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But the relationship ended in August 2018, when both Ma Sichun and Oho Ou studios announced their peaceful separation on August 8.

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It's been 64 days since the two broke up, but on the night of oct 10, Ma Sichun first responded publicly to the break-up on air, with three sentences saying nothing about Oho Ou. Ma Sichun said: "breaking up is not a particularly terrible thing as long as you know that loving yourself is the most important thing and having a clear conscience is the most important thing". At the same time, Ma Sichun also tells fans to live their lives well.

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Ma Sichun's life has always been pretty simple, except for work and travel. Ma Sichun likes literary films, sports, tennis, yoga and so on.

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