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Yu yuan's “age of entrepreneurship” portrays a ruthless killer with eyes in the popular field.

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Linkeddb News November 8& have spent Recently, produced by huatze film and television,Jian 'an DistrictDirected, Huang Xuan , Angelababy , Yiwei Zhou , starring yu yuan Age of entrepreneurship It is being broadcast on dragon TV and zhejiang satellite TV. Based on fu yao's novel of the same name, the play focuses on career entrepreneurship and tells the story of software engineers Ryan Kuo The startup story of mobile software magic box. In the play, actor yu yuan plays a cold and sharp killer, huang Charlie.

Yu yuan first interpretation of the cold killer eye shot popularity field strong

In "Age of entrepreneurship", yu yuan played the role of "yellow Charlie", who worked in the foreign corps of Serbia for nine years. As a professional level killer, huang Charlie came out with BGM and never lost his job. In order to retrieve the important list that is taken away by small butterfly, the hand is quick and resolute, do not leak a flaw in the slightest. Mask and cap, just a pair of eyes can feel the cool feeling of his body. Especially the drama in the apartment building hunting down zhuangxiao butterfly in the drama, more let the audience see horrified, net friends straight shout "this killer is too terrible", "dare not open eyes to look at".

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Although the role of huang Charlie is not much, but as a crucial part of the plot development, actor yu yuan's performance is impressive. With a raised eye and a turn of the head, the drama moves to a climax, and a sense of urgency from the cold killer. As for the mastery of the characters in the play, yu yuan expressed that he had a certain degree of measurement. He would carefully study the script, understand the context, and better integrate himself into the role, so as to keep the audience out of the play.

A number of works with excellent performances were recognized

In recent years yu yuan has starred in" TheWarLord "," Era "," A tree peach blossom "," Decisive battle 1936 ", "Age of entrepreneurship", "communist liu shaoqi" and many other TV series, excellent performances are shown in the works, and at the same time, many audiences have recognized them. By the next Tian XiaBaChang Film and television adaptation of the novel Touch Jin Fu "Is also about to be broadcast, expecting to bring more excellent works.

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