Jolin tsai look cool and stunning chengdu' likes innovation and a little unconventional

Star connection September 14 Jolin Tsai On 13th, with a simple and capable striped suit appeared in chengdu taikoo li, for the opening of Gucci brand flagship store event platform. The scene,Jolin Tsaito a new season of fashion handbags and sunglasses showed strong interest, especially the creation of the "classic and innovative" brand philosophy, andJolin Tsaialong the professional attitude, and fashion design, permeates the "Greek mythology" element in the first "Tsai classical music is more and more highly fit for creative inspiration. Jolin Tsai, a fan of "ancient Greek mythology", revealed that she had learned a lot of stories and was deeply interested in them when she was reading books. She also said that she appreciated the creative idea of Gucci design director. "He would combine ancient Greek mythology with fashion, and I personally like ancient Greek mythology very much and find it interesting." One of Jolin Tsai's wishes, on her birthday on September 15, is to "get even tan". She said that fashion and beauty are never the only definition, and hoped that everyone can find their own fashion attitude.

On tacit understanding of creation: inspiration comes from ancient Greek mythology

Jolin Tsai appeared in a crisp suit with a simple, crisp hairstyle, while a strapless sky-blue shirt and a black ribbon bow combined to soften the look of a formal suit.Jolin Tsaiwas in the paradise of fashion, and what attracted her most was the bags and dark glasses with strong ancient Greek mythology. As the Zhi Zhou Jolin Tsai, a veteran "ancient Greek enthusiast", has taken relevant courses in university. She is also a treasure of ancient Greek mythology. Her classic music works "medusa" and "great artist" are based on this.Jolin Tsairevealed that she had always been very interested in ancient Greek mythology, in which many elements of female character could be found.

Among the many fashion items on the scene, coral snake, tiger and bee have been seen most frequently, and the combination of the three shows the rich face of contemporary women -- "wisdom, bravery and nobility", which is also consistent with Jolin Tsai's character of "expressing the true and unorthodox". Seeking a new direction for self-breakthrough in traditional fables is a tacit understanding between her and the world of fashion.Jolin Tsaisaid, "I think Gucci's attitude is similar to my attitude of making albums. It's a bit retro, interesting and innovative.

Jolin Tsai is scheduled to perform in Okinawa, Japan on her 15th birthday Namie Amuro Retire on the eve of the event, she will fit in the classical audio-visual feast with Ann room, nextJolin Tsaiwill also go to milan fashion week 2019 spring and summer, this is her first 2017 autumn/winter fashion week and spring/summer 2018 fashion week, the third time in milan to participate in the international fashion event, looking forward to the behavior of the ItalianJolin Tsaibring more full of style of fashion inspiration.

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