She was stephen chow's first signing as a “star girl,” but was snowbound when she stepped on banana peel in front of the camera.

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She is Stephen Chow The first signing of the "star girl", but because of the camera step on the banana skin fall was snow

When it comes to Hong Kong comedy film stars, many people think of Stephen Chow. Stephen Chow is one of the iconic characters in the Chinese film industry, known as China's "Charlie Chaplin" for his unique style of nonsensical comedy. He and Jackie Chan ,Chow Yun - fatTogether known as "double Monday cheng", became the guarantee of Hong Kong box office. So being Stephen Chow's entertainer has a bright future, for example Zhang Yuqi , Xu Jiao And so on. Today's protagonist is Stephen Chow's first "star girl" Hui Li .

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Hui Li, who was born in shandong province and graduated from the Beijing film academy, is a mainland actor.

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Hui Li has a high acting talent, is motivated and eager to learn, is good-looking and tall. At 17, Hui Li won a championship in the talent show lucky little fei. Later, she was signed to star power for one of her hosts, Stephen Chow. Hui Li, who was in high school at the time, was lucky to have just stepped into the entertainment industry and been praised by the king of comedy, "chow tai fook".

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In 2000, Hui Li appeared in shaolin soccer and started his career in the entertainment industry. She also acted in 2001Lu Yi (actor), Quan Ren , Bingbing Fan Starring in TV drama Teenager Youth 2 ", Hui Li's performance is not inferior, which makes a girl who dares to love and hate, chivalrous and courageous, into an amazing and eye-catching performance. Delicate acting, deeply loved by the audience, thus known to the audience. After that, she didn't have much to write about.

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It is said that when everyone thought Hui Li had unlimited scenery, Hui Li accidentally stepped on banana skin in the camera and fell down. In an instant, Hui Li changed from a leading actress to a supporting role and was almost covered in snow. At that time, Hui Li signed an eight-year contract with xinghui, but he only made two films in eight years, "shaolin soccer" and "KungFuHustle". After 8 years of cooperation, xinghui company did not renew her contract anymore. For a young girl of flower age, delaying her youth is the biggest regret.

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In fact, the star of "star company" of star ye, not only herself, but also Huang Shengyi . Huang Shengyi appeared in "KungFuHustle" directed by Stephen Chow. With its pure and beautiful appearance, Huang Shengyi has become a goddess among many people. However, Huang Shengyi is lucky enough to get rid of "star ye" and still get along well in the entertainment industry. Now, Huang Shengyi is attending "mom is superman" and is back in the public eye. She is the mother of two children, and her family is happy and admirable.

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In addition to his almost retirement from acting, Hui Li also kept a low profile emotionally. Earlier, a series of photos of wedding gowns by Hui Li and Quan Ren were reported to have been married, but neither party responded to the news. Others said Hui Li was married and his husband was an outsider. The truth of the matter is unknown. But I wish Hui Li happiness.

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