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“The legend of Yang Ling” new trailer,powerful cast interpreted storybook love in Ming dynasty

Linkeddb News October 26 By the producer ciwen media vice-president The original sun , the general director Xu Jinliang A new set of photos of the latest version of the legendary ancient costume drama "the legend of the Yang ling of Ming dynasty" has been released. It was another surprise for the production team, following the announcement two days ago. The play is produced by ciwen media dongyang purple wind, youku, Tmall joint production. As soon as the photo was released, it caused a heated discussion among the audience.

8 Xuan Lu - 2. JPG

5 Yijun Liu - 2. JPG

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The plot twists and turns and little people also have a big pattern

The official wechat account of the Ming dynasty has already Shared several sets of trailers. The whole drama mainly tells the show talent Yang ling in the jimingyi world war I small and famous, thus met the prince zhu houzhao. The two men Shared weal and woe, expelling the manchus to defend the territory, purging the officials to recast the style of the court, and finally stabilizing the foundation of the Ming dynasty. This character stills just rolled out, the net friend all leave a message: "the desire still has not completely, fundamentally see not enough!"

1 Jiang Jinfu - 2. JPG

4 Liu Yan (actress-2.jpg

9 Haoyu Chen - 2. JPG

The determination of the foreign name of wang ye Yang ling meimu resolute; Honest and kind wife han niangniang fresh and free from vulgarity; The spoony prince zhu houzhao feng shen chun lang; The romantic female army consigliere cheng qi yun wear a strong suit, white clothes black crown, quite a bit of yingqi; Being diligent in government affairs, the emperor of hongzhi held a composition, gentle and elegant; Love and hate clear beauty ma piao son grip curved bow, chivalrous sky; Jinyi wei wu han super visual torch, generous and graceful; Qing tang a fairy clear eyes bright teeth graceful bearing........ In the context of the big era, each character seems to have no communication, but because of a strange and wrong, hit a thrilling spark.

7 Zhang Sifan - 2. JPG

6 CiCi Xia - 2. JPG

Many netizens are looking forward to the excellent production of big coffee

Compared to the current popular costume drama adapted from IP, the legend of the return of the Ming dynasty gives an in-depth portrayal of the character details. "We want the show to focus on the characters' feelings of home and country," the director said in an interview. "Yang ling went from teacher to student to actor to wang, from scholar to scholar, and from scholar to chief of staff. The transformation of his mentality is the most eye-catching part."

3 Ruilin Liu. JPG

As many writers as possible Month off The classic in back to the Ming dynasty is based on the historical background and the fantasy of the original party for the characters. Not only that, in the production, but also gathered a number of powerful actors. Jiang Jinfu , Crystal Yuan , Ruilin Liu Starring, CiCi Xia , Zhang Sifan , Xuan Lu , Haoyu Chen Star,Liu Yan (actress), Yijun Liu Special appearances.

It is reported that on November 1st, youku.com video launched exclusively. VIP members will update 4 episodes every Monday and Thursday at 21pm, and non-members will update 1 episode every day at 21pm. Wonderful, not to be missed!


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