The story of yanxi palace' yuan chunwang ending why not die bad actors too in place to be scolded

The qianlong emperor

This summer, The story of Yanxi Palace It became The hot style of The 2018 Palace drama, and even became popular abroad at one time. The foreign BBS and news also praised it. Even on The foreign BBS Soompi, there was a special section for The story of Yanxi Palace Wang Maolei At one point, the audience was called off for being too deep into the play.

26, "The story of Yanxi Palace" finale, Fu Heng died, his death let many audiences to call, also calls for "fast also my Fu Heng adult", more let a person can not accept, so good a person is a dead, instead of making a series of disaster of The biggest Angle Yuan Chun hope not dead, let The audience call not voluntarily.

Yuan chunwang was sentenced to wei zhenluo

The wei gem is the imperial concubine

In The ending of "The story of Yanxi Palace", The queen was pushed into The cold Palace because of The alliance and The prince, and yuan chunwang, who encouraged both of them to commit rebellion, was also exposed by wei gem. When The emperor wanted to kill yuan chunwang, The empress dowager actually stepped in to stop him and denied that yuan chunwang was The crown prince. Yuan chunwang could not accept this fact. All along, his only purpose was to kill the emperor and the empress dowager. His deep hatred towards them made him live in hatred. As for why the empress dowager didn't kill yuan chunwang, the actress also gave an answer. "yuan chunwang is really the illegitimate son of the first emperor.

The queen to send

The story of Yanxi Palace finale The story of Yanxi Palace

Queen empress and HeQinWang rebellion failed, cut hair and emperor unaffectionate, queen rage will be in limbo, HeQinWang given by the emperor wine suicide, wei wreaths all debunked the Yuan Chun of counsel, but five brother poisoning symptom and salvation lay dying, Fu Heng Joe HaiLanCha back antidote saved her life, as she wants to see the Fu Heng life happily, HaiLanCha told wei wreaths all Fu Heng in order to find the antidote was poisoned, wei wreaths all heartache.

At the request of the empress dowager, the emperor left yuan chun looking for a life, but experienced so many rights and wrongs, yuan chun looked forward to unattached, become mad. Wei gem successfully became the emperor's imperial concubine, expressed willing to repay the emperor with his life.

The wei gem is the imperial concubine

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I can't accept Fu Heng's death

August 30,2018 09:50 AM

The best actor is Yuan Chunwang.His badness made everyone remember.

August 28,2018 06:59 PM

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