She is an old showman who has been engaged in gossip for 26 years, but was teased by jin xing for not being motivated.

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She is the old drama bone, 26 years of zero gossip, but by Jin Xing, The teasing is not self-motivated

There are many actresses who not only have a relatively high level of appearance, but are praised by the audience for their acting skills, for example Betty Sun . Although Betty Sun's works are not very productive, every one of them can become a classic. Today, we're talking about a subject that's as good as Betty Sun's acting Shu Chang (actress) .


At the beginning of this year, zhejiang satellite TV launched the performance competition performance class motivational variety show "the birth of the actor" the perfect end. By Shu Chang (actress) ParallelLines "To enter Song Dandan The magpies. Zhang Ziyi Be blunt: "very true, very walk heart." Shu Chang (actress-actress) also participated in the birth of the actor, the acting was once again recognized by the audience. The netizen said, really want to be small fairy circle powder, dozen call, dozen call.


Shu Chang (actress-actress) is a child star who has been acting in the entertainment industry but has been tepid. Shu Chang (actress-actress) has good acting skills, good character, zero gossip and sweet-looking. It is reported, "Jin Xing show" venomJin Xing,is still Shu Chang (actress-talk), be blunt: Shu Chang (actress-talk) so lack ambition, no wonder acting good so many years all not fire. The female star of other family daily all is shoot a few hundred pictures to be refined a few hair microblog good baa! Check out Shu Chang (actress-actress) for a full picture of a web celebrity hot mom, which is usually, Practicing Calligraphy, drawing and drawing. A friend who supports Shu Chang (actress-actress) just likes your literary and artistic atmosphere.


Many of the characters Shu Chang has created are deeply rooted. Such as" Filial piety secret history "Dong e fei, HouseofKamTopples Eight sisters, Demi - GodsandDemi - Devils The tianshan children's bastions, Ludingji Princess jianning and so on in the movie, and many people like the movie LotusLantern "Little jade...


Last year, Shu Chang was featured in the Datang Glory "Starring murong linzhi in the hit TV series, her acting skills were even more frayed, with netizens saying that her crying scenes were on a par with Betty Sun's.


As the saying goes, there is always something to give. You've never failed in your acting career. In terms of romance, editors and fans hope Shu Chang will meet her early.


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