Stranger Things season 3 trailer teaser. I got to the plot trend of the season 3.

Netflix's "Stranger Things"drama series, which is a deeply anticipated by fans, recently announced will shoot the season 3. And they released on the trailer teaser, "Stranger Things" series starring all the return to the season 3.They include Millie bobbi brown and Mike as little eleven Finn Wolfhard, “toothless boy ”Gaten Matarazzo and so on.Stranger Things season 3

Stranger Things season 3 starring

After the two seasons of 2016 and 2017,Stranger Things sreceived good reviews,Netflix followed the series was decisively renewed for the next two seasons, and the third season, StrangerThings, began shooting in April and will be released on 2019.

There are reports say that in season 3, apart from 11 and Mike, Lucas and Max also fall in love, so there will be two couples in the play. Although romantic relationships at this age are not so simple, there are big and small frictions (which can be jealousy).In addition, Steve Harrington, played by Joe Kiri, will have more plays in the season 3 after being highly acclaimed.

Stranger Things season 3

According to the Stranger Things season 3, some fans analyzed the plot trend of this drama.

1、Mrs. 008 will be back. I don't believe that eleven's mother let her go to 008 just to let eleven see the prosperous of big city and the real society, and the ability to release their power.

2、Eleven's mothers may recover her minds.

3、Papa will appear, eleven will avenge him.

4、Max's sulky brother may have something to do with Mike's mom.Mike's family will be destroyed by Max's brother.

It is said that the four children will go to college after Strange Things season 3.Is it possible of Strange Things season 4 will be Shooting with Strange Things season 3?We will wait and see.

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