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The adventure of avanti's adventure.

Star connection September 14Starring smart avanti, greedy Mr. Baeyi, cute little donkey, and new members of the American film family xinle xian and hazi, the family's 3D animated film The adventure of avanti's adventure. "" will be released nationwide on the National Day holiday on October 1!

The adventure of avanti's adventure, The adventure of avanti's adventure, is released today, following The release of The character posters, adventure trailers and fun trailers. Avanti's adventure team is ready to set out on a journey of adventure and fun. Are you ready to take The adventure with them?

Avanti VS Lord bayi brave the golden city

After 39 years, the clever avanti rode back on his little donkey! "The adventure of avanti's adventure" tells The prequel story of avanti. The young avanti leads The adventure team composed by Lord bai, The little donkey, xinle fairy and hazi, and carries The trust and expectation of The common people. Starting from The grape city which is almost water cut off, he makes a confident advance towards The unknown and seeks for The source of water.

Based on the folk legend of the gaotai residence in kashgar, the hometown of afanti, grape city combines the characteristics of xinjiang's famous cultural cities such as urumqi and hotan, and is a happy city with ethnic characteristics. It is also the starting point of this adventure. Now, however, due to lack of water, it is shrouded in sorrow.

Although the characters are sure to back with a smile, a brisk action of water, but in fact they set foot on the journey of the crisis, in addition to the steep terrain, weather, maze of the city of gold, the front there is a huge conspiracy, waiting for nothing, save the grapes with any lift and others fall into the trap of the city of... How will the young and intelligent avanti use his wisdom to save his companions from danger? Is the gold-digger Lord baeyi "god assist" or "pig teammate"? How does the beautiful, kind and hateful xinle fairy give afandi courage and strength?

Look forward to The national release of "The adventure of avanti's adventure" on October 1, together with avanti to save The grape city!

Big hands, small hands

Created by Shanghai art film studio 39 years ago Avanti Story ", is the happy childhood memories of generations; 39 years, have parents "friends" can bring your own children feel mom and dad's childhood, go to The cinema to watch The narrative rhythm brisk "The adventure of avanti 's adventure.", in film of interlocking adventure story feel The power of courage, kindness, wisdom brings to life, will be happy childhood innocence good pass, is a family Shared family animation film.

The characters in "The adventure of avanti's adventure" still retain The texture and feature of The puppet animation in "avanti Story", with moderate deformation. Different from Avanti Story, Avanti's adventure is characterized by intelligence and literary drama. Afanti in The adventure of Avanti's adventure can be called "both verbal and martial arts". A variation in the proportions of the donkey's head makes it look cuter, with longer, wider ears and round eyes giving it a more dramatic expression. Xinle fairy, a new member of the American film family, is a pretty and lovely female character, wearing ethnic costumes and wearing ethnic braids. The classic image and familiar characters of the film can satisfy the emotional appeal of parents' yearning for childhood. Gorgeous colors and playful shapes are more in line with children's aesthetic and suitable for family viewing.

Will be released in October 1 National Day holiday of 3 d animation film "The adventure of avanti 's adventure." by The Shanghai film (group) co., LTD., Shanghai animation film studio co., LTD., produced The mi goo culture technology co., LTD., Shanghai home culture communication co., LTD., Beijing kai tai ocean culture media co., LTD, suzhou grain production of movie and TV cultural communications co., LTD.

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