The movie' my spy ex-boyfriend 'revealed that the final trailer was going to be full of banter.

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The Hollywood action comedy my spy ex has been announced for release on October 19 by mila kunis.Oursenpeluche, L"," The Black Swan (emmys winner SaturdayNightLive Guest stars Kate Mike kingnon and Sam sheehan. Today's movie reveals the ultimate trailer and poster for the "titillating spy" version. Many netizens said: "look at this before the holiday, more see more do not want to go to work!"

Berlin. JPG

Prague. JPG

No kidding no spy? The ultimate trailer is high to brainwash

The final trailer for the film my spy ex-boyfriend has been released for National Day, and the high-energy pace set many audiences' hearts on fire before the holiday. In the trailer, the tension of the crisis behind the atmosphere, there is always a strong funny temperament.

Paris. JPG

Under the rhythm of brainwashing made up of gunshots, the two female hosts accidentally crashed and broken down all the way, and exposed the "no lower limit" ugly material to each other for the first time in the face of threats. Even the fierce gunfight to chase the car seems to be unable to cover up the two hearts of "teasing". And "October 19, the laugh is right" is also fully in the comedy gene of the film, compared to the domestic audience is familiar with the spy blockbuster, believe that the film also contains more "unexpected".

Hit the travel chicken soup to make up the heart of the poster

Miracaikate screams.jpg

Unlike the ultimate teaser trailer, the poster is more like the advice guide for a holiday getaway. Each poster features the European cities in the film, and is punctuated by "rollover" style texts, whether it's "no romance in Paris, just a throwback to an ex," or "Prague, no square, just big rollover scenes," as if it were a trip soup before the holidays. Many said: "compared to poetry and distance, National Day is better to be a fat house."

In addition to the joy and cheerfulness, the movie's trailer and poster show the challenges of ordinary life, the daily routine of a close friend walking away, as well as a bit of anticipation for those who are still struggling in the work station before the holiday. Facing the National Day holiday, will you take out of the game for seven days, or will you meet up with your friends, said to leave on the "wanton" hi?

Sam's restaurant scuffle. JPG

Vienna. JPG

Produced by lionsgate, Life partner "Suzanne Vega fogle wrote and directed the film, starring mila kunis, Kate Mike kingnon and Sam sheehan. Featuring a pair of rag-tag Los Angeles girlfriends, the film tells the story of Audrey (mila kunis) who is forced to go out of her way to save the world with her best friend Morgan (Kate Mike kingnon) after she discovers her ex-boyfriend is a spy. The film will hit theaters nationwide on October 19.

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