“operation red sea” special forces of the enemy in depth “exposed sniper yi kun trailer”

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Linkeddb News November 26& have spent Yesterday, from the mainland to send men Yi Kun Directed, wrote and starred in the Anti-Japanese War military TV seriesSpecial forces of the enemy in depth"Exposed the" strongest trump card sniper "Yi Kun as a single qilian city trailer, in the film, Yi Kun blood hyperflaming fierce gunfight eye-catching, burning and blasting high-energy large-scale blasting scene is boiling;

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Special forces of the enemy in depth is a drama version of "Special forces of the enemy in depth". OPERATION RED SEA ", there are not only just like "flood dragon commandos" such as a few individual teams were ordered to perform tasks, more like Huang Jingyu The sniper gu shun that plays, because before "sniper" get hurt, be in danger orders airborne to group "tsundere special forces" qilian city;

Is incompatible to early to join the team, but after many times for fighting, motivate staff, QiLianCheng gradually integrated into the so-called chivalrous frame of mind tender feelings, sincere treatment, the emotion is not uniquely female, the friendship between a man and his comrades under a special s in hostile interpretation is one of the biggest point and the difference of the play.

The whole trailer adopts super fast rhythm, created a tense atmosphere, through the iron sniper Yi Kun quickly switch scenes in the perspective of the whole played chicken blood as warriors, sustained high pitched battle scenes, machine gun on the battlefield together to battle, bullets hit, snipers Yi Kun is lead, brings the viewer strong visual impact;

Yi Kun runs with arms in a military uniform and shouts, "only one of the four of us can live! ", the highly infectious atmosphere of burning and boiling makes people want to know what kind of situation they have encountered.

As the only sniper in the team, qilian city is worthy of the "king of guns" in the team.

Or run with the gun loaded;

Or a person looking down;

"Or" who is this? West ";

"Biased and biased and biased," and so on, have presented the brutal nature of war and an iron soldier image;

In addition to the hormonal shooting scene on the battlefield, the trailer also exposes Yi Kun in a gray military uniform and a camouflage-faced "sniper battle" with the enemy.

"Are you or not", qilian city and teammate brother exactly why appear rift, take a gun confrontation;

Yi Kun shouts "maybe" angrily, but what is "probably" anyway?

In the film trailer, he not only has his accurate shooting, strong firepower to help the team to complete the important killing task, as the key figure to promote the plot, he also contributed a lot of fighting wonderful scenes;

Super burning! Blood! Guild wars! Hormone blast! Special forces of the enemy in depth Yi Kun "Special forces of the enemy in depth" single trailer exposure;

Your next husband "tsundere special forces" qilian city strong online, November 26 zhejiang satellite TV at 10 p.m., sniper Yi Kun future harvest your heart, please look forward to!

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