The movie "Overtime cohabitation" commented sharing those interesting things

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The film " Overtime cohabitation " commented on the things behind the sharing

The film "Overtime cohabitation" will be officially released on May 18th. It is directed by Lun Su and produced by Xu Zheng (actor) . Jiayin Lei , Liya Tong and Yi Zhang lead a fantasy comedy series about young women Due to an unexpected accident, Jiao had to open up a story about cohabitation with Lu Ming. So what are the interesting things behind this movie?


In an exchange session, Liya Tong and Lun Su also happily shared the behind-the-scenes story of the movie “Overtime cohabitation” in the face of the audience’s praise for the film. Liya Tong frankly stated that the main team had suffered a lot, especially when shooting the car in the fall of the bridge, because it was not convenient for Weiya to do late, Jiayin Lei did not even make protective measures. It was very dangerous. And every communication needs to go back and forth, very hard. Director Lun Su is very grateful to Jiayin Lei and Liya Tong for her encouragement and help. Now the movie is recognized by the audience and it is the result of joint efforts.


Not only that, but Liya Tong and Jiayin Lei also performed "beggies" on Weibo.


When the “Overtime cohabitation” was promoted, Jiayin Lei walked “very fast” and had almost no time for Liya Tong to take pictures. After Jiayin Lei made a mistake on the Internet, he also sent a micro-blog and wrote, “Looking at me with my eyes, I think my red carpet is going well.”


The peak of mutual ambivalence occurred on April 25th. On the same day, "Overtime cohabitation" released a movie notice. As a result, Liya Tong relayed the characteristics of Jiayin Lei.


Jiayin Lei also responded quickly


Liya Tong immediately returned fire


In one of the programs, Liya Tong had a big head with Jiayin Lei. Faced with this situation, Jiayin Lei could only raise a white flag.



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