Chinese blue helmets' road show in zhengzhou received strong response after the end of the show.

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Linkeddb News November 23 The first peacekeeping military movie "Chinese blue helmet" was released nationwide on November 23. "Chinese blue helmet" held a road show in zhengzhou, capital of east China's henan province, Sunday Ning Haiqiang With a star Xu Honghao , yilong, peng shiteng, shen hao, Wang Tao Such as the presence and audience to meet, but also received the calligrapher Mr. Zhao zhiyuan sent "with China as a guardian of world peace" calligraphy treasure. Four days and five cities of road show, "Chinese blue helmet" main creator has been welcomed by the audience around the film, the feelings of home and country presented in the film has also been recognized by the audience.

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Four days and five city road show The audience reaction of Chinese blue helmet is strong & NBSP;

In the past four days, "China's blue helmet" has traveled from hangzhou to the end of the road show in zhengzhou, a total of five cities. The audience to watch the film, not only primary school students and college students, but also parents, the elderly; There are national defense students, just enlisted fire fighters, and veterans... After watching the film, everyone showed a strong interest in the content of the film. Many audiences said that they had never seen the image of peacekeepers on the screen before. Only after watching the film did they know that peacekeepers are so hard working and our country has made so many contributions to international peacekeeping affairs. Some national defense students are more determined about their choice after watching the film and look forward to making contributions to the country in the future. Some veterans also said that the image of soldiers in the movie is very real, and after watching it, they are very touched, which is what Chinese soldiers should be. From the movie, more audiences can see the words "China is strong" and "we live in a peaceful country instead of a peaceful age", which are Shared by all people.

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Main creative share behind the scenes received calligraphy thick national conditions poke in tears

In zhengzhou, the chief creator of the Chinese blue helmet was also welcomed. The calligrapher Mr. Zhao zhiyuan specially presented the chief creator with the calligraphy work of "taking on the responsibility of China to safeguard world peace" and called the Chinese blue helmet. Xu Honghao, the leading actor, said that he had been shooting military dramas for many years. The shooting of China's blue helmet is a very special experience. One dragon, who has devoted the most fighting scenes in the film, grew up in henan. This time, he came back to henan with the Chinese blue helmet. He was very excited. Peng shiteng revealed that huang qidian is a very representative character. His story of "little family members" has also become the most poignant part of the film, which makes many audiences weep. Shen hao and Wang Tao used "blood" and "courage" to interpret the strong side of peacekeepers.

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"Chinese blue helmet" continues to be a hit in cinemas across the country, and audiences can also walk into theaters to feel the "Chinese blue helmet" warm blood and peace-keeping spirit.

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