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“ the east walk fan ”: monkey king: hero is back and dai tsuen's things double

Star connection September 10On September 3, a somewhat surprising response appeared on zhihu. Dai Quan I'm not anonymous. Today music circle, has been entertainment circle. To say the most painful, is that it became the entertainment industry from the moment. Just as the "crazy person goes east, so goes the pursuing one, so goes east, so it is different"... . The following passage is quoted from hanfeizi shuilin, which means that one may not think the same way, one may not think the same way, and one may not think the same way. This paragraph was put into "east walking fans" in the text, it can be seen that dai tsuen's favorite words agree.

It is also the core concept of dai tsuen's new single "fans of east walk". "canoe bridge/yangguan road/going out of the way". "Playing the pipa/twisting one's back/playing out of tune, all good/sweet-mouthed/baring one's teeth/unmatchable magical power is one's mouth", is also the heartless sneer towards the music turn into the entertainment industry. "Mud on the east side/crackling rain on the west side", dai tsuen once again stated his position, expressing a difference from the path of the stream follower.

"Fan east", though a work of integration between the east and the west, is in fact a kind of false critical realism -- only with a hint of helplessness and powerlessness, the tone of banter, so we see not too hard fighting posture, but mercilessly sneering, contempt.

东走迷Dai Quan

The music language of the lost east proves once again that dai tsuen is a pioneer of music language even though he writes good lyrics. Folk minor and hip-hop percussion rhythm, Funk guitar, Bass such as the horizontal axis vertical axis, support the song's structural coordinate system; Suona and erhu are not only Musical Instruments for accompaniment, but also given a crucial role attribute. With Chinese "tongue twisters" rap, it is not only a struggle between east and west, but also a struggle against pseudo-chinese style and pseudo-trend (ignoring traditional Chinese aesthetics such as flat chek and rhyme, etc.). A taunt.

With the careful preparation of dai tsuen, the seemingly random stews of "fans of east walk" are actually derived from the traditional and realistic music feast. Slightly different from previous works, the song is full of audible "visual", like a musical version of Chinese showbiz's "riverside scene on the qingming festival". Behind the extreme imagination and exaggeration lies the chaos of real life. "where I am/where I should go/I am not your fellow-traveller" is dai tsuen's mentality after "unpredictable".

东走迷Dai Quan

In connection with the previously released "at the same time" and "chang 'e", Monkey King: Hero Is Back's "stubborn changeability" Is intensified. At the same time, the former is a rare realistic work of dai tsuen, pointing out the desolation of human feelings and the scarcity of care in the city. The latter to heaven, with the supermoon as the title, the most traditional Chinese romantic feelings of deep concern, the core is still floating, the heart of no sense of life.

Contact with traditional opera since childhood Quyi (Chinese folk art forms) With roots in the soil of traditional culture, dai tsuen's participation in the popular music is full of solemn and stirring and romantic. He was, of course, luckier than the monkeys because his explorations were presented in the language of music as aesthetically viable works of art.

Looking Back to see dai tsuen's personal fortune, after all, life Is like a drama, "Monkey King: Hero Is Back" since dai tsuen, since the start of a long period of practice, the ups and downs of human experience and fortune, a little twists and turns did not save. But after a few soap-operatic twists, he signed up for music, the monarch of the taiho music group, and went from fighting alone in theMonkey King: Hero Is Backto fighting alongside a team. From" Monkey King: Hero Is Back From the established "I" in chaos, to the "I" in the "east walk fan", the naughty monkey slowly found the way to exist in the present time and space.

A couple of years ago Liu Huan The teacher talked about the "me" in Chinese pop music, he said. Jonathan Lee (musician) The big brother said, we seem to have the same eye, to our own tradition music to discover. This is our homeland, this is our China. People are most familiar with it, but to develop, we should not stay at the level of the past. "From where" is never a problem for dai tsuen. As for "where I am", it is really worth repeating the argument by dai tsuen and tongdaos with the messy and abundant social ecology at present.

东走迷Dai Quan

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