The tv series sweet crit has created the love factor

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Star news: co-produced by huatai group, jinxi TV, mango TV, huatai entertainment group, iQIYI, hebei radio and television, etc. Lu Han , Xiaotong Guan , Tim Pei , Ivy Shao , Make Zhao , Meng Meng Li - Starring in the happiness energy drama Sweet crit "Is the hunan satellite TV golden eagle hit run in theater, with the broadcast of the plot, clear" the deer eye "tomorrow and go against fang yu" comic leg "impressive," sweet taro CP "along the way by candy has inspired many viewers want the mood of love, and the recent consecutive glass crit is moment affects everybody's mood, tomorrow and fang yu couples image is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

Tomorrow "deer eye" tells the god fang "cartoon leg" attracts the eyes

In the first week of the premiere of Sweet crit, # Lu Han's eyes successfully made it to the forefront of the popular weibo search. Tomorrow's "deer eye" becomes his one big characteristic, when facing the sister-in-law his eyes contain warmth, is full of the elder brother's affection; When looking at fang yu's eyes unconsciously show love, gentle as water;Lu Hanused his eyes to convey the emotions of the future to the audience, leading them to deeply feel the characters in the story. Xiaotong Guan, with his big and long legs, adds a lot of glamour to fang yu's "fighting queen". When her long and straight legs occupied the screen, the visual feeling of breaking through the dimensional wall directly interpreted what is the "comic legs" that cannot be seen in real life, which triggered netizens to sigh "fang yu senior has legs below the neck!" With the "cartoon legs", her fighting style is also more elegant.

Tomorrow and fang yu not only have their own "skills", the combined group CP power is not small. With the broadcast of Sweet crit, the audience of two people's CP gradually increased. Recently, "Sweet potato CP" has made many people heartache. "Sweet potato can't break up!" ", "I can't bear such violence", "protect our sweet impression ah" and other messages occupied the comment area of the TV drama's official microblog. The fans who saw the truth from god's perspective were anxious about the road to get back together with fang yu. Every move of "sweet impression CP" not only affects everyone's heart, but also arouses some audience's yearning for love. Some comments like "being sweet, wanting to have a love affair" appear from time to time, and the audience is quite satisfied with the couple image of fang yu tomorrow. The follow-up plot of "Sweet crit" continues to be tense. Tomorrow, fang yu accidentally got hurt and went abroad. The truth of the previous generation's enmity and enmity will be shown slowly.

"Sweet potato CP" with donut powder Net friend: I want to fall in love

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