Cao Fei Ran 'He Sees Your Voice' Hot Beat Deducts Short Hair Cool and Handsome Female Interpol

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Recently, the suspense drama "He saw your voice" starring Bosco Wong , Ching Yip , Hutchison 3G , Cao Fei Ran, etc., is being shot in Hangzhou. Cao Fei Ran, a young actress, played a female criminal police officer in the crime team and was responsible for communication technology support within the group. In order to better interpret a female criminal police officer, Cao Fei Ran has changed his sweet image in the past. For the first time, he shows people with short hair and is full of English gas.

"He sees your voice" is a combination of romance and suspense, reasoning, and psychology. From the perspective of forensic science, it uses traces of evidence to rid the audience of cases of doubt and restore the truth of the incident. For the first time to challenge the suspenseful drama, Cao Fei Ran said that he will have pressure, but he is more willing to challenge different characters and let the audience see more of themselves.

It is reported that the "Wang's Enemy" starring Cao Fei Ran is also about to air, expecting the wonderful performance of Cao Fei Ran in the play.

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