My life will end tomorrow with the death of mini yang ethan juan.

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Star connection news: adapted from the movie, co-produced by lime meng film, lime meng yue xin and penguin movie Return to the world The queen of Swinging, Yanyan Jie The writers, Yang Wenjun , Ze Xie Co-directed by li CAI, Yang Xiaopei As chief producer, The Mini Yang , Ethan Juan Starring, Yijun Liu, , Chin - sung Wang Starring, Vengo Gao , Yi Lai, , Zhang Yaqin , Ke Hu, , Han Yu Gao , Huang Ming , Yixiao Li , Long Jiang Co-starring TV drama Swinging "Is currently in tencent video and zhejiang satellite TV China weekly broadcast theater. Prince (Mini Yang) last night (6 August) Zi Juan He drinks a lot of poison, but zhou shu ( Yan Qin (come to the rescue. In zhou shu wei's dream,Swingingwas finally told about the mysterious cloud in his body. One man's life and death affected the five continents, and the doomed fate of the infinite was affecting the heartstrings of the audiences at home and abroad. Among them, the fearless spirit ofSwingingvowed to exchange one man's life for five continents was recognized by the official media and thumb up.

Sacrifice ego to save wuzhou & NBSP; & have spent & have spent Sir John fought bravely

In last night's plot,Swingingheroic taking poison, "wuzhou women millions, but the infinite mother only you a", in his own sacrifice in exchange for yuan queen lives, is hanging on by a thread tried to persuade his grandson (Chin - sung Wang) to lay down their grievances, "I hope you can pass the promise, let him keep the last bit of goodwill, because you are his most respected person", are willing to pay the life, unafraid to lift the others life and death.Swinginga life time thanks to uncle Joe the rescue, and was told that two people for many years the family come from: the original uncle Joe in order to protect theSwingingit to xuan wonsan life, in order toSwingingsafe the rest of my life, but don't want toSwinginglove no comfort, more unwilling to give in to fate, "but I just don't want to live", it is ready to, do not compromise to the life of a cavity solitary lead her to spell out a new chapter of life. In your own life and death after about five continents survival,Swingingresolutely choose to sacrifice one person get wuzhou peaceful life of the people, "my life and death, is not I a person, if I die, can translate to wuzhou stability, that I had no bad", fearless sacrifice, sacrifice spirit touching. He did not complain about the injustice of fate, nor was he involved in the contempt and betrayal of others, nor did he stop to change the steps of his fate and forge ahead because of the terrible attack.

The climax is coming again & ending; & have spent & have spent Swinging,Swingingand escalating

Swinging is at stake is still unsettled promise (Ethan Juan), hope to rescue the promise, avoid further tragedy to happen, "now I want to save a person," I want to go to his side, do more, "it all the way down, I don't regret, this way, although very dangerous, but I met their favorite people, see the five continents of the best scenery, even if I to die, I also satisfied", her death parts along with the promise of users at home and abroad was moved by emotional development. Many net friend said, "whileSwingingwith the infinite was destined to be one, but two people to the feelings of bear and fearless life energy to let a person admire", "willing to sacrifice for each other between wufu cp, selfless dedication of the feelings very touching, although not without wind and rain of life, butSwingingand promise to give each other, support each other, believe that they are not on the uneven rough". In tonight's plot,Swingingclose with the loss of father, the promise of battered, after that their fate, don't want to tie the innocent is determined to leave the day right, alone to the skies to break their doom, the infinite would recover Swinging, "five blessings" cp and how to deal with fate "stand-off", how the whole world can escape the havoc of purgatory? The final celestial replica is waiting to be opened.

In the book, the life tells the story of the ordinary girl in the bottom of the family, who went down the mountain to embark on the adventure of five continents to rescue her companion. During this process, she accidentally met with sun wuji, and stood side by side with him, knowing and loving each other. The two men stuck to their belief that though thousands of people have come to me, they fought through all kinds of trials and tribulations to finally successfully fight against the fate of injustice. Members of tencent video watch four episodes of "piggy" in advance from 22:00 on Monday to Thursday, and zhejiang satellite TV China weekly broadcast theater from 22:00 on Monday to Thursday. The trip to the skies is about to start, and more exciting scenarios are expected.

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