Ma sichun oho ou break up! no regrets, no regrets.

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Ma Sichun Oho Ou Break up! No regrets, no regrets

On August 8,Ma SichunandOho Oustudio announced their separation simultaneously. "we have no regrets. We have no regrets.



The two of them shot" TheLeftEar "On March 2 last year,Oho OuandMa Sichunwere photographed on a street date, and their relationship was exposed. Later, on March 14, Ma Sichun's 29th birthday,Oho Ousent his birthday wishes toMa Sichunon weibo. Most of the time, the two are secretly spreading dog food. In July last year,Ma Sichunhigh profile show enai once sent a blog forOho Oufilm" Crows "Promoting:" July is Oho Ou's." On Ma Sichun's 30th birthday,Oho Ouposted a beautiful picture of his girlfriend on her birthday. In the photo, the cartoon image behindMa Sichunis also very eye-catching. One is the letter "O" in the heart, and the other is the letter "M", which is the initials of their names Yu said. . Usually, two people in the airport is also not covered, hand in hand to walk the airport, let the net friends shout sweet.



Though the two have been making sweet interactions on weibo, the rumors of their split have never ended. But there's no hammer, and fans don't take it personally, saying, "as long asMa SichunOho Ou is still together, I believe in love!"


This timeMa SichunOho Ou break up fans are also broken ground glass heart, but there are a lot of fans of sanity said; "" as fans, respect their decisions, turn away from life, face the work, expect a better future and wish each other well. MayMa SichunOho Ou be even more brilliant in his career.

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