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Pacy' born in the 70s with li jiahang as' brother of the tenth generation

Star connection September 14by Xiaozhui Yan Directed, Li Jiahang , Yao Di (actress) , Pacy , Han Jiang Etc. Born in the 70 s "Will hit anhui TV's prime-time dolphin first theater tonight. Among them,Pacyplays a boy named qi defeated and becomes a "brother of ten generations" growing up together with Yang fan (Li Jiahang) and wang xiaobing (Han Jiang).

Bloody juvenilePacyinterpretation of the 1970s deep drift story

The TV series "Born in the 70s" tells the inspiring story of three brothers, Yang fan, qi sheng and wang xiaobing, who grow up together from their youth and experience different crossroads in life. However, they eventually struggle together in shenzhen and find dignity, friendship, family affection and love in lost and sinking.

Pacy plays qi, who conquers the rebellious and mischievous children, but grows up to be upright and brave, passionate, love and hate, and becomes the "leader" among the three. In the process of growing up, it is like fighting against Buddha to help brothers out of difficulties. It is to be expected howPacywill play the growing process of overcoming this role.

Acting Pacy: wanting to experience something different about yourself

Pacy has been involved in the Spire of Flames youth "" Loves "Coming "" Sun like me "" The big jade le More than a dozen films and TV series, including fashion editor, agag, forced marriage man, kuomintang secret agent and many other characters, evenPacyhimself laughed that he was "addicted to acting". "I love how it feels to play different characters every time,"Pacysays. "it's like having a different experience."

Pacy is favored by netizens because of her masculine and domineering style. After theSpire of Flames youth"as cold-blooded sharp little frowsty coquettish with the kuomintang agents, contrast of character and uniform addition makes thePacyis well received by many viewers and netizens. This time, he plays qi, who is vigorous and upright and values loyalty. He plays the story and feelings of the 1970s. I believe thatPacycan also make the audience feel his charm.

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