The 'simplest' cctv presenter has worn three suits for nearly 10 years.

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"The simplest" CCTV host has worn three suits for nearly 10 years now at 52 years old

Mention the CCTV host, a lot of audience will use the bright and shining words to describe them. Today, the main character introduced by the editor is also a CCTV host. Whenever talking about himself, he would use the word "simple" to describe himself, it can be said that is "the simplest" CCTV host, he is wang shilin.

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The name wang shilin might be a little strange to many viewers, but you must have seen the show he is hosting, which is China report. From March 1, 1991 to today, the program has not only increased from weekly to daily, but also completed the transition from news documentary to in-depth interview. The program is constantly updated and changed, and he is one of the most outstanding program hosts of CCTV, relying on his profound cultural background and keen on new things.

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As he says, simple. Simple work history, simple makeup and simple hobbies. Growing up in rural northern China, wang graduated from primary school to master's degree. After leaving campus, I came to the overseas center of CCTV, successively engaged in editing, author, announcer and host. Reviewing wang's career, he has hosted over 1000 interview programs. It is not hard for the audience to imagine the hardships behind his calm, composed and unobtrusive wisdom when he interviewed thousands of authoritative guests from all walks of life.

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Unlike other hosts, he doesn't wear any makeup when he's on camera, and the gray-haired look is a rarity among Mesozoic hosts across the country. For those who don't wear makeup, he personally found it more laborious and less meaningful to the quality of the show. As for his habit, many audiences have also got used to it. His curt, unpretentious hosting style, and his lack of sharp eyes and aggressive questioning in every interview, was well received by the audience.

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Among them, the most talked about by the audience is his clothing, three suits wearing for nearly 10 years. A blue set, a black set, a grey set, back and forth.

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Wang, who was born in 1966, is 52. But 52 - year - old wang shilin, elegant and wise, full of energy, bearing. Wang loves the hustle and bustle of the city and pays attention to Yamano Music and the villages. One of his favorite words, besides simplicity, is "mystery." In the continuous extension of China report, the audience will see wang shilin's solid and persistent steps.

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