The movie' me and me 'tells the inspiring story of henan people's independent business in dengfeng.

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Targeted poverty alleviation inspirational film Me and me "In dengfeng moving the inverted well scenic area starting up, the protagonist experienced a bumpy but always full of hope, the pursuit of a happy life inspirational story.

Linkeddb News October 11 "Me and Me", a targeted anti-poverty inspirational film jointly produced by happy qihang culture media co., ltd. and time culture media co., LTD, is quietly launched in dengfeng, henan province Chan Yung Wang haitao, a producer of cui zeyuan and the lead actor Yu Genyi , Liu Xiaobo ,Li Dan (activist)Wing, ren jiuqi, Wah Chiu Zhen, kong wei and other actors from henan province, excellent young actor guo yiyi in zhuang small theater, Jun Shi Fei, heino yi, music director henan musicians Mat Yeung Yi appeared at the opening ceremony.

Henan native film Me and Me

The film is based on the growth experience of the protagonist zhu ge. After experiencing ups and downs, he started his own business with the help of the village committee. Finally, he succeeded in his career and made his family happy. It is a kind of positive guidance to set up correct values for the young people at present.

Henan native film Me and Me

Since the 18th national congress of the communist party of China (CPC), the CPC central committee with general secretary xi as its core has trumpeted its success in the fight against poverty. Over the past five years, 5.77 million rural poor people in henan have been lifted out of poverty. 5,514 poor villages have been removed from the poverty line.

As a tribute film for the 70th anniversary of National Day and a tribute film for targeted poverty alleviation, this film has profound historical background and practical significance. According to the director, "Me and Me" takes henan's history and reality over 40 years before and after the reform and opening-up as the background, focusing on the story of poverty alleviation and poverty alleviation in rural areas of henan, and establishing the image of henan people with love, independence and self-improvement. The original intention of director Chan Yung to shoot this film is to let more people know about henan culture, understand the spirit of henan people's fighting and entrepreneurship, and hope that everyone can support henan film and support henan culture.

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