Wu moved heaven and earth' comes to a climax with yang yang running away from the town of qingyang.

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Oriental legend The hero of The martial arts and The martial arts "At the weekly broadcast theater of youku video and dragon TV. The hero of The martial arts and The martial arts is jointly produced by deep blue film, youku, yukai film and television, Beijing century partner culture, reading and literature film, and shang hui film and television, and is The golden director Zhang Li, Directed, Yang Yang (actor) , Zhang Tianai , Wu Chun , Likun Wang Starring, Liu Yan (actress) , Cable laughing laugh, , Ashton Chen, Co-starring. In the latest plot, the loss of his father Lin, suffering a heavy blow ushered in the turning point of fate. How did he escape the blame of Lin family, how did he get out of the haze and regain his morale? What fortune will he have when he leaves qingyang town? Many wonderful plots will be presented one by one.

Lin dong Lin lutian misunderstanding upgrade, by the family out of qingyang town

Along with the black panther and the loss of his father, Lin moves (Yang Yang (actor) to save the day Lin Xiao The hero of The martial arts and The martial arts is greeted with The first wave of watching The drama. In the latest episode, Lin, who is accused by the chief of the Lin clan of "inviting the demons", goes to prison. With the help of anaconda, ying huanhuan and others, Lin escaped from prison and decided to leave qingyang. From the very beginning, he just wanted to protect his family, to the time when he decided to see the outside world after his father's death, the rock master's guidance, and being excluded by the family, Lin has undergone a great transformation in the level of understanding, which is just the beginning of his bottoming and growing into a real hero.


Lin dynamic strange things building looking for rock master, multi - line entanglements on the hair trigger

In order to find rock master, Lin moved to yan cheng strange things building, but was xuan su everywhere difficult. Ayako was ordered to shut herself up for questioning by the palace governor about her search for the traitor's father. Lin luan-tian was turned into the temptation and trap of muhsien-hsien, who gradually revealed the nature of different demons. Muxian qian Yi Xiang menghuang reported plans to operate humans and competed with masters of rock to find Yin dummy zong as an ally against their rivals. Many clues complex, all sides of the secret struggle, the adventure of the forest has begun to exorcise. The hero of The martial arts and The martial arts begins its first week with The story of Lin moving out of The town of qingyang. It is reported that next week in the plot, there will be Lin dongqi strange things building steal Yin long sial, together with the crowd beat off the living puppets, yong Dan fu division will be a big, the first kiss of ling qing bamboo, fire python tiger into the human form and other heavy bridge to play. The plot, contradictions upgrade, teenagers on the road, more exciting worthy of expectation.

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