Song weilong' men's fashion cover film calm and domineering, mature demeanor

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Linkeddb News November 8& have spent Recently, Song Weilong A new series of men's fashion solo covers has been unveiled. In the camera, Song Weilong is wearing a long coat. The color contrast between fresh orange and mint green is cut with neat and generous lines. The matching strength MAX is shown. Among them tie the metallic lock necklace that designs, maintain consistent on tonal, distinctive modelling design gives the vision to fill youth feeling. In the film, Song Weilong either sits beside the stone lion statue, meditating, or makes a sharp look at the camera, showing her fashion charm. Another set of slim windbreaker with a hook lining, refined and elegant, in black and white tone more focus and firm.

Song Weilong will star in the film "the broken dream game" on November 9. It is his first big screen shot at the age of 17.

Song Weilong eyes warm and focused. JPG

Song Weilong calm and domineering. JPG

Song Weilong eyes sharp at the camera. JPG

Song Weilong sitting side-by-side staring ahead.JPG


Song Weilong shows mature demeanor. JPG

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