Beauty, kokuryudo vanke, square and double 叒 叕 to star!

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Linkeddb News December 4  

Remember the beautiful longtang vanke square on October 9th? & have spent Kenji Wu With the scene of the movie "writing poems for you"      


Is it not enough? & have spent Are you looking forward to it? & have spent It doesn't matter & have spent Because beauty kokuryudo vanke, a square and double 叒 叕 send surprise! & have spent & have spent & have spent & have spent

Super hot cake & NBSP; & have spent

& have spent Haze enveloping the city & NBSP; Air pollution is getting worse. People have hallucinations & NBSP; Accident frequency & NBSP; It was ordinary Ai Fung , fu lei and care & NBSP; Because a Courier was pulled together in the crazy uncle call & NBSP; They have a responsibility to save the earth's air. The city was finally brought to light. & have spent & have spent

December 5th & NBSP; December 5th & NBSP; December 5th & NBSP; Say the important things three times. Weather pre-explosion & NBSP; Set the whole room alight. One of the leading actors & NBSP;shenyangVisit beautiful longtang vanke square& have spent Interact with you & NBSP; Be there or be square. & have spent & have spent

* all picture and text information is for reference only. On-site activities (including but not limited to mall activities, merchant discount activities, etc.) shall be subject to the actual on-site activities. & have spent & have spent

* to the extent permitted by law, zhengzhou jingtai commercial management co., ltd. has the right to interpret this activity. & have spent & have spent & have spent

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