Tong zhang plays basketball with women's basketball players.

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Star connection news: recently, Tong Zhang, Participate in a variety show, in the program with the national retired women's basketball players play basketball, the scene atmosphere is hot, leading many media watching the coverage. In the post-match photo session, Tong Zhang, who is 183 in height, also appeared to be a "little bird" alongside the women's basketball players, with netizens calling him "long-legged obasan becomes smaller dwarf" and "as if he had broken into the giant nation!"

Actually live in Tong Zhang, it is a big boy, love sports especially loves basketball, outside of work about three two friends go to the basketball court is often the thing, and have been regularly photographed playing basketball in the playground and 10-year, more be numerous netizen jokingly: "and" the covenant of tung elder brother have a basketball, in this small make up can not help but want to ask our "little man" Tong Zhang: "how much you owe for the broad masses of netizens basketball game?"

"I'm just an ordinary basketball fan," says Zhang. "sometimes I feel itchy when I see someone playing basketball on the playground in my spare time. Since I have known many friends, basketball is not only a sport for me, but also a platform for me to communicate with others and release mental pressure.Tong Zhang,also said that he felt very honored to have the honor to play with national basketball players during the program. I'm looking forward to seeing the audience quickly in this variety show, and see how the emperor with his long legs, 183 in height, can change into a "dwarf" in seconds!

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