Tang Brick Chinese drama ending episode. Yun Ye became a tragic hero.

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Tang Brick stage photo

Tang Brick Chinese drama ending episode. Yun Ye became a tragic hero.

Produced by iQIYI and le group photo industry, Gordon Chan . Cast by Wang Tianchen , Jianing Zhang , Ken Chang , Anita Yuen Tang brick, the martial arts light comedy starring Tang brick, will also usher in the final episode. This play is adapted from the novel of the same name in hole and 2. It tells the story of yun ye, a modern archaeological team member, who passes through the tang dynasty after encountering an accident in the desert. He accidentally gets involved in the court battle and experiences a series of stories in which love and hate interlace and both tears and laughs at the same time. Since the broadcast, it has been praised and applauded. Unlike previous releases of battle though heaven"And" Ever Night These time travel dramas, Tang brick "Have sweet pet wife already wen rou xiang, have the martial arts play that warm blood puts all out to kill more, and the machiavellian play that this makes is same attractive! The story takes place in the tang dynasty, the protagonist Wang Tianchen as yunye will also be involved in the power vortex, success or failure in this action!

Yun Ye and other roles

Our male leading role yun ye (Wang Tianchen is acted the role of) because pass through to tang dynasty accidentally, get li shimin (Ken Chang is acted the role of) with contemporary technology the appreciation of queen of long sun (Anita Yuen is acted the role of) rise official one step by step knighted, with the princess Ang Lee LAN (Jianing Zhang) fall in love, with prince li chenggan (Jianing Zhang) Wenjie Wang Act the role of) call each other's brothers and sisters, solved all sorts of problems by right of oneself modern brains, rise step by step thereby. Can be said to be as CEO, when the general manager, married bai fumei to the peak of life through the standard online writing routine. The first half can say is to let a person see very comfortable cool drama, but did not think recently a few episodes plot is nasty turn straight down, a lot of hidden crisis also come stealhily, this time our yun ye still whether turn a bad luck into a good luck plain sail?

yun ye with Li Anlan

In this week's update of the plot, yunye found not dead Ang Lee LAN, after the reunion of two people together in yushan opened the dog food pattern; < / p > < p > prince li chenggan promised to accept the arrangement after the mother and Sue wan marriage, on the other hand, hou junji is mesmerizing prince ready to rebel. < / p > < p > the death of the taishang emperor li yuan, li shimin to keep filial piety by going to the emperor's tomb, but secretly left three thousand elite troops stationed outside chang 'an waiting for the fall, the father and son of the king and minister power strategy war has entered the climax stage. With the death of the emperor li yuan, who acted as a middleman, the contradiction between father and son became more and more fierce, and had reached the point of military confrontation. Both sides are extremely close to yunye, but prince at this time but some guess yunye think, two people began to centrifugal.

prince Li Chengqian and empire

In the tang dynasty under the appearance of peace but undercurrent surging, all forces are ready to compete with each other, in order to the highest right of the sword and stab in the back. After the black prince li chenggan and deep stratagem but suspicious emperor li shimin drew a sword, not only so also imprisoned tying to coerce yunye. But oneself much line injustice finally soldier loses a body to die, and our male advocate yun ye is more sad, be betrayed by the elder brothers again after "nominal" the wife on betray, make whole cloud home suffers implicate. Finally, our male master fell in the arms of the lover, this is also the misfortune of the fortunate. Can finish his life in this way, yun ye is really like my concubine farewell chu ba Wang Yi Kind of tragic hero.

angry prince

Although the final shot turns, the hero wakes up and returns to the modern era. It may seem like a dream, but everything in that tomb is so familiar... This kind of ending is better than those that are happy Don Wong The plot is more original, and the early stage of the cool drama drama routines formed a sharp contrast, in the same kind of film and television drama absolutely let a person shine at the moment! This wave of operation is absolutely earned enough tears of the audience, although this is not perfect ending in the heat harvest at the same time because of abuse of the heart and the dissatisfaction of the netizens protest. But at the same time chief producer, art director Xiaolong Zhang Special commitment will shoot outside, script creative soliciting activities and shooting preparation at the same time. At that time, let's hope Tang brick will bring us a different wonderful story.

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