Tv series swinging: closing tonight in zhejiang, mini yang ethan juan is deeply in love with you.

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Star connection news: adapted from the movie, co-produced by lime meng film, lime meng yue xin and penguin movie Return to the world The queen of Swinging, Yanyan Jie The writers, Yang Wenjun , Ze Xie Co-directed by li CAI, Yang Xiaopei As chief producer, The Mini Yang , Ethan Juan Starring, Yijun Liu, , Chin - sung Wang Starring, Vengo Gao , Yi Lai, , Zhang Yaqin , Ke Hu, , Han Yu Gao , Huang Ming , Yixiao Li , Long Jiang Co-starring TV drama Swinging "Will end tonight (August 13) on zhejiang satellite TV. "Swinging" strong "breakthrough" CSM52 city ratings for many times to break 1, up to 1.088% gains week zhejiang satellite TV ratings first theatre, presented the mind world of pure heart and grasped the nettle reality conception for the general audience recognition, has been well received by the official media and thumb up, fusion temperature and time spirit express more broke the estrangement from overseas audience's affection.

Swinging strong break through the summer & suzhou; A new chapter in reality

With close to the real temperature,Swingingwrote a positive energy course of the common girl's inspiration, which contains many messages and understandings on the life style and values of contemporary young people. In the face of the betrayal of your superior brother (Huang Ming), Richard does not obsess about right or wrong, does not indulge in sad emotions, and cuts off the hatred and resentment and dares to move forward. With sister pei yuan (Yixiao Li) and fo lian ( Herun Wang Different from the revenge,Swingingchooses to forgive others. Although the playing mechanism was cruel and cruel, the mastermind always stood in awe of life and never hurt innocent people. In addition to individual destiny,Swingingalso focused on the deep pursuit of ideals. "To me is the death of a person change the world", supercilious, surrender to the fate of attitude to life it pushes the continuous transformation,Swingingfrom the xuan yuan on a general factotum, to the infinite Vengo (Gao), kitano Vengo (Gao), the strong fighting side by side, eventually grow to with the whole world, relief liability bearer, completed from the "ego" sublimation to the ideal pursuit of "higher self". Under the support of ideals and beliefs,Swingingback and forth with a strong and unyielding faith,Swingingback and forth in a difficult situation, relying on his own fortitude, courage and perseverance in the crisis, and boldly accepting the fate of one after another, and fighting through the storm without fear.

Growth is an exploration and remodel of self. While defeating others on the way forward, it is more important to defeat oneself. The spiritual connotation conveyed bySwingingis exactly the passionate sincerity and indispensable spiritual belief that contemporary young people need. Positive and positive values in line with contemporary pursuit as well as touching and sincere emotions help the drama to break through successfully in the summer 2018, which is recognized by both the industry and the outside world.

Swinging sailed out of the country & suzhou; & have spent Convey the confidence of Chinese culture

Since "Swinging" started, the overseas each big platform also online, innovation mode of building the global synchronization chase play, and launch small language subtitles in order to cover a global audience, launched seven weeks in ex Viki full platform gains Chinese drama broadcast the amount first, daily amount of play is long in the first, continuous watch enthusiasm lit the international market. From the meaning of cultural transmission, Fernando said Eloy, film and television works in providing entertainment function more important cultural social responsibility at the same time, through the "Swinging" we see is the domestic TV show by the sea culture confident sense of mission and responsibility, positive energy in cultural and artistic way to spread the Chinese civilization is becoming a reality and gradually accepted by the international market. The poser's growth mark reflects the realistic picture of the ordinary people's power to forge ahead. The emotional integration of "earth atmosphere" makes the drama extremely have empathy power, and produces a sustained and powerful positive interaction with the audience. "The emotional resonance and connection between the past and the present, both at home and abroad, have been the same since ancient times," said Yang Xiaopei, chief producer of Swinging. With its fine traditional Chinese aesthetics and cultural and spiritual connotation,Swinginghas made a significant step in actively publicizing Chinese elements, spreading Chinese culture and displaying the spirit of The Times.

With the popularity of the drama,Swingingand infinite Shared the wind and rain, and the emotional mode of growing together has been attracting the attention and heated discussion of the audience. Members after the finale, many audiences wereSwingingwith the infinite sweet kiss only beautiful picture "sweet to cry", as well as "five blessings" cp dare to break through the shackles of fate of boldness and pay so moved, has always been a concern with the performed MSC can not only make the plot view of the audience, not give "five blessings" cp can also let the audience againSwingingwith the infinite resonant emotional legend.Swingingand the eternal beauty of wuzhou lian love, will be finished tonight at 22:00, zhejiang satellite China weekly broadcast theater.

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