Stepmother's spring' is full of violence! Gang He Hawick Lau Feng Shaofeng bitter play male

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The stage emotion drama “ Stepmother's spring ”, starring Gang He and Rain Lee Choi-wah , will be closed tonight. It has attracted attention due to the ups and downs of the storyline and the intricate relationships of characters. It is yet another classic of the drama. During the broadcast, the play amount of the show rushed into the top five times, and the ratings rose steadily. Gang He plays Fang Fangmin's corner in the drama. As a tragic man, most of them have experienced “frustration”, but they can often appreciate and appreciate the audience.

Stepmother's spring Gang He

Gang He had an outstanding performance in the early dramas such as "Mama Marry for Me" and " Si-sei ". In the "Stepmother's spring" aired this year, he also collected the spirit of a young girl on the elegant gentleman's side. In addition, Gang He's delicate acting skills also scored a lot for the character. In order to play Fang Fangmin's complicated and entangled role, he made a lot of effort.

According to reports, Gang He communicated with the director and his partner on many occasions in order to thoroughly interpret the psychological activities of the character. He repeatedly paid attention to the emotions in the play, became the character itself, and used the real and unpretentious acting to change the character's inner feelings and emotions. Turn to the best.

Lady Hawick Lau

"Lady" and "Stepmother's spring" are directed by Chu Huang Chen . Hawick Lau plays Gao Yaozong, the son of Gao Jiyangxing. From the young, he is rebellious, weak, sick but good. In order to rush for happiness, his parents married him to his wife, Lin Qiuju, who was nine years old. The story's level of malice is also not low. Hawick Lau is a good interpretation of the unscrupulous young masters who have been “involved with gold spoons” since childhood, and he also shows his goodness and entanglement perfectly.

The Champ Feng Shaofeng

The story tells a series of stories that occurred when two children traveled across the ocean and went through untold hardships to find their biological father in the Mainland. Zheng Shixian played by Feng Shaofeng is the father of Xiaojun and Xiaojie. He is also a rich family member. He is romantic and loves music and dance. He does not hesitate to break with his family in order to be with the loved Shuhua. The two cute children in the play hit a lot of "mother powder" hearts, Feng Shaofeng's walking heart deduction has also been recognized by the audience.

Hardship dramas are often full of brutality. Why do many people choose to watch the "bullying heart"? Some netizens said: “I can't bear to read it, but I still can't help but continue to look down and I just want to know the ending.” It can be seen that the black and white characters and events in the drama can trigger the audience to have enough curiosity and discussion. .

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