L storm: you chase me, brother of the police!

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September 14 L Storm The film was released in mainland China, and star relations and the Oscar cinema line organized netizens to see the film in Manhattan. The film made by Louis Koo , Julian Cheung, , Kevin Cheng, , Stephy Tang, Starring. ICAC (ICAC) & NBSP;Louis Koo(Louis Koo) andJulian Cheung,(joint wealth intelligence unit) respectively investigate cases of corruption and money laundering, but no leads, when icac group L (internal disciplinary investigation unit) Cheng deming (Kevin Cheng) received EVA Air (Stephy Tang) reports that lu receives 12 million yuan in bribes, and lu can't defend his immediate suspension. Liu found out that lu had been framed and had a close relationship with the money laundering case he had been investigating, and he suspected the bank's director, yu zixin ( Adam Pak To assist the head of a criminal enterprise Wang Hai Grain ( Patrick Tam (actor) To wash money; Hong liang, director of investigation department of China anti-corruption bureau ( Haifeng Ding (Andy lau) is an important source of information for liu baoqiang. The money laundering case involved corrupt officials from the mainland. Lu also ventured to collect evidence of the crime but was imprisoned, life is hanging by a thread..

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Let's see what the stars say about the film:

Color palette: Z storm "Once upon a time the two funds in the gambling shady, third shift to about money laundering operation inside, and joined the mainland official corruption plot, show the mainland and Hong Kong officials in the fight against corruption and money laundering crime on common determination, the wind suit with society, the film can review in the theater play also has certain social significance. However, you run after me too much in the form of the film, and there are many similar bugs in the story thatLouis Kooand fat man almost start running at the same time and make several turns but cannot catch up. It's a funny popcorn harbor movie with lots of handsome men and beautiful women in the lineup, and a fast pace.

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Persistence: thanks to the star relationship,L Stormmovie still continues the theme of the first two films. Anti-graft 3 also combines our anti-graft theme" In the name of people As the main line, the plot is familiar, the characters are familiar, which resonates with the audience and is corrupt. The criminals in the film try all kinds of ways to cover up the corruption record of the corrupt officials. Meanwhile, they use all kinds of means to frame the leaders of libel cases, threaten to use the hooligans and fight in the gang The film has no plodding plot and is generally good. Storm Z, where the corrupt can no longer escape, eventually believe that the law has long been slow.

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I feel that no matter how high a person's position and how much power he has, as long as he overcomes the bottom line of the law, he will be punished by the law. No matter how much the process gets in the way, no matter how difficult, eventually the law will prove its impartiality.

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Tnk-bp: the movie "storm" Z series on the third, the film speak, with the strength not only staged a anti-corruption amir Johnson in the mainland to Hong Kong films, also can let a person feel "greedy" fold out with human nature weakness, most anticipated is gathering strength, Louis Koo, Julian Cheung, Kevin Cheng, staged a gorgeous brilliant IQ between action scenes, I to play eight points!

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L Storm is exciting to watch, bringing together excellent actors from Hong Kong, Taiwan and mainland China. The plot still revolves around anti-graft money laundering, presenting the essence of the Hong Kong film thoroughly. The leading actorsLouis KooandJulian Cheung,performed well and addedKevin Cheng,and Patrick Tam (actor), who are also good and evil, to make the whole film more colorful, cool, gunfight and other scenes, which enrich the whole plot. The plot is not complicated but it still attracts the audience. Very good!

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Netizens have mixed views on the film. Most netizens are still very supportive, and few netizens think anti-graft 3 has not escaped the curse of going downhill. There is also a BUG in the film that you run after me but cannot catch up, and the suspense setting, the plot reversal has also caused a psychological gap for some netizens who have high expectations for the film. However, some netizens have expressed their willingness to support the charity work of gu zai. Still be a more sincere film, star sister appraisal over!

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