Zhong Ren "letter China" sobbing tears reading letter to pay tribute to people's heroes

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Last night, CCTV’s large-scale liberal arts program “Trust China” was successfully completed in the first quarter. The six star “messengers” made a temporary bid farewell to everyone with the most exciting stories and most touching interpretations. At the end of the evening, the actor Zhong Ren was dressed in a black formal dress. The audience read the suicide note written by the people's hero Xia Hanhan to the mother, the eldest sister, and his wife. The audience was full of affectionate but impassioned reading. The audience was sorely filled with tears.

Reliance on the heart, reading the English version of the model, holding the sincere ambition, feeling the tenderness

The three books in the show were the revolutionary hero Xia Hanhan who learned that life is nearing the end, and used his enemies to throw himself a “pencil” half of a pencil, and finally wrote to his mother, wife, and big sister in prison. These three letters not only show Xia Minghan’s firm belief in the cause of the party and the heroic spirit of fearless life and death, but also express his sincere feelings and revolutionary trust in his wife and daughter’s family.

When he first received the letter, Zhong Ren had a deep feeling of deep feelings and was under more pressure. Therefore, he not only consulted a lot of relevant materials during the preparation process, he also did not forget to communicate with the staff several times at the recording site and could not afford to have The slightest sloppy attitude shows his respect for the revolutionary hero Xia Hanhan. It is also a respect for his three letters of expression. On the spot, Zhong Ren passed through time and space and incarnates the letter. Sometimes, reading is full of affectionate emotions, sometimes impassioned, and it perfectly expresses the revolutionary heroic and affectionate Xiagu tenderness. The phrase "'All the necessary and necessary' for the last day, revolutionary generations passed down from generation to generation" allowed the audience to see Xia Minghan's firm belief in the revolution; "I give red beads as a gift, but I wish the heart of my heart is like my heart". Its loyalty to love. Zhong Ren's enthusiasm was influenced by numerous audiences on the scene and in front of the screen. When he yelled out a “chicken head does not matter, as long as it is realism. Kill Xia Minghan, there are people!”, the audience is even more involved. Shouted loudly and shook people's hearts.

Retrospective history Zhong Ren sobs tears to pay tribute to people's heroes

Zhong Ren's impassioned reading allowed the host Zhu Jun (host) teacher to give him a high rating of “entry into the country”. In the process of interaction between the two, when Zhu Jun (host) asked how they felt after they had finished reading, Zhong Ren was once choked and excitedly said, “Every single reading of these three books is an upsurge of emotion and a spiritual baptism. I can hardly imagine that he could write such a heart-felt thing in an environment of spiritual and physical torture.” The three letters of the family rhyme rhyme, and their writing style is beautiful and sentimental. They reflect the strong will of Xia Minghan and the revolutionary will. The spiritual realm of death. It was with those people who for the sake of ideals and beliefs that they were willing to throw their heads and spill their blood will have today's peace and security. Zhong Ren said with emotion: "I hope that through the "Trust China," a meaningful program that allows more people to understand these heroic and noble personality and pay tribute to them."

A few days ago, Zhong Ren was co-starring with Qian Wan in the twelfth second, and the TV series " City of Desire " and " Xuanwumen " starring him will also meet with the audience. So stay tuned!

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