India's hottest action film,' sudan, 'a summer blockbuster

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Star connection news: various data have proved that "Sudan" is undoubtedly a good and popular movie, not only in India and overseas, the media freshness of "Sudan" rotten tomatoes reaches 89% in terms of public praise, nearly 80% of the audience expressed like it, the score is as high as 4 points, which has gained a lot of praise from foreign media. This is one of the Indian trikhan Salman Khan , Anushka Sharma, The star of the "indie" superhero action film "Sudan" is set to shake things up on August 31.

Breaking through the limit & NBSP; The "seal" action is dripping wet

"Sudan" is a hyperanimated action film with a lot of intense, real-life fighting scenes. The tension and excitement of the fight plot makes people's blood swell, and the hero's struggle in the arena and struggle with his fate deeply affect the hearts of the audience. Different from the Chinese action film and Hollywood action film familiar to domestic audiences, the "indo-style" action scenes brought by "Sudan" have strong local characteristics. A large number of wrestling techniques and the combination of fighting make this film the perfect choice for male audiences.

The film to avoid the rough type characters in the Indian commercial movie, the movie "Sudan" let male leading growth way more exquisite and rich, Salman Khan's strong changes of Sudan has a tumultuous career in business, from "poor prick silk counter attack" to "fame is due to arrogance they" at the end of the "rise of the conquest of the self", along with the changes of audience see the power of the convincing from Sudan.

The topic in-depth multi-element fusion breaks through the limit

Compared with other wrestling movies, "Sudan" not only brings high-spirited sports spirit, but also many elements such as emotion, family and new era Indian women's rights. The perfect integration of these elements makes the audience of this film more extensive, and also makes the audience feel more moved when they enjoy the exciting action scenes.

A sharp editing and a proper sense of humor make the movie "Sudan" more lively, also a highlight. And unlike bollywood movies, "Sudan" doesn't have any extra singing and dancing elements, and proper music plots advance the story. Besides the exciting wrestling scenes, the most impressive action design such as fighting and boxing is the biggest attraction of "Sudan". Salman Khan, known as "India Jackie Chan", showed the unique charm of "indian-style" movements. He took part in all dangerous scenes in person. Like the hero of the film, "Sudan", which broke the subject limit, was like the hero of the film.

It is reported that "Sudan" was introduced by China film group corporation, and distributed by China film co., LTD., baian film (Shanghai) co., LTD and ili zhuoran film co., LTD are assisting in the promotion.

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