Big brother in the entertainment industry, angry feng xiaogang, what can you do to me

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People who mix in the entertainment industry may have been smoothed out, and may want to be a good actor when young, director and maintain, but too many factors make the people in the entertainment industry have lost the so-called true temperament, become flattery, extremely smooth.


& have spent We don't need to mention a few people in the entertainment industry who have a bad reputation. But we can still see that some people still maintain their true nature, do themselves, for example Daoming Chen, .


Few people like him have the courage to speak up. During the Spring Festival holiday this year, in the presence of a number of celebrities in the entertainment industry, they angrily denounce people who make trouble out of nothing, and then burst their mouth, which not only does not affect their reputation, but also reflects his good personal qualities.


& have spent Due to the Feng Xiaogang Pull the Youth "Daoming Chen thought the occasion was not suitable for dancing. She also wore high heels. She gently objected to the proposal.


In video, we can also see the female lead of Youth, soDaoming Chen,is rescuing her, but it still won't be able to avoid the crowd, so she jumps.

WhenDaoming Chen,said dirty words, no one dared to go back to each other, and the people nearby were always consoling and calling the elder brother. It can be seen that Daoming Chen's position in the circle is highly respected. But the position did not get mixed up in a day or two; it was accumulated by him.

& have spent Nurture wins respect

& have spent Since his parents were university professors,Daoming Chen,was very upright in his three views from childhood. Reading poems and books, he and qian zhongshu were close friends in the past. His talent and accomplishment are embodied in his words and actions.


He once said: "a person's self-restraint, not when calm, but when impetuous; A man's reason is not in calm, but in clamour; A man's mercy is not in his lordliness, but in his thinness; The respect between lovers is not when they are idle, but when they have different views. The love between a husband and a wife is not at the moment of birth, but at the moment of disaster.

Therefore, as a cultured person with the pursuit of rationality and self-restraint, he will not be tempered by the surrounding environment, but can always maintain his own temperament.

And it earned respect.

& have spent Strength wins respect

& have spent After so many years on the road, his films and TV series have been opened. In 2014, he starred in the movie ComingHome "Won the golden phoenix award, the best actor award at the university student film festival, the best actor award at the macau international film festival and the best actor award at the changchun film festival.

One of the most respected is in the My1919 "In the film, gu weijun, a Chinese diplomatic talent, is brave enough to stand up when the territorial sovereignty of the Chinese nation is threatened.


At the Paris peace conference, he gave a speech to shandong province, saying: "shandong is the cradle of Chinese culture, and China's sage Confucius and Mencius It was born here. Confucius is like Jesus in the west. Shandong is Chinese, both economically and strategically, as well as religiously and culturally, and China cannot lose shandong, just as the west cannot lose Jerusalem."


This is his brilliant performance, let us know the history of the humiliation, let us be able to think of the pain, and make greater progress.

In the TV series kangxi emperor, we can feel the wisdom of emperor kangxi from young to old.


In" Han emperor "The resourceful dongfang shuo.

He was named one of the 100 outstanding actors in China in the past century and was also named one of China's top ten movie stars.

Such outstanding strength, how does someone disrespect?


& have spentDaoming Chen,is a brilliant man and husband

Daoming Chen is known for taking care of his family. In his spare time, he is a tailor who makes clothes for his family and shares housework with his wife.

He's a man. He's responsible. He had the measure and discipline of a man, the temperance of a man, the courage to speak, the audacity to act, the disposition to be true in a special time.


He is a rare man, and because of this he is respected by all. We should all follow his example.

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