“zhang yimou's film” reveals the story of the revelation of the special edition of “double” darkening process of extreme fear"

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Linkeddb News October 10 by Zhang Yimou Directed, Deng Chao , Betty Sun , Ryan , Qianyuan Wang , Hu Jun , Wang Jingchun , Xiaotong Guan , Lei Wu The leading ink action film "the shadow" is being screened across the country. Since its release, "the film" has been praised as "the best film on the big screen". With the sufficient aftereffect brought by the word of mouth, the film has been against the wind in the fiercely competitive National Day and achieved a reverse box office hit. Up to now, the mainland box office of "shadow" has exceeded 480 million, and is expected to continue its long run. Today, the film reveals the "origin of the double story", which tells the creation process behind the film. Zhang Yimou led the audience to interpret the new "double" story, and witnessed the birth of the film.


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The director revealed the origin of the story of the "body double"


Film "shadow" receive Matascore score since the release of 88, 92% rotten tomatoes freshness, nearly 150000 viewers douban stunning score of 7.5 points, between himself and the shadow of destiny in the film, the individual survival and national machiavellian game caused the audience between light and shade, the net friend evaluation story "dangerous, stirring", "deep dignified but extremely tension", "as thick as Shakespeare," more people praised one act the role of danger, border states two Angle of Deng Chao "acting break through the limit, movie king level performance".



"" shadow" "tells the story of a" "stand-in" "chasing freedom. Out of the preference for the theme of "double", plus the domestic film history has never been involved in the relevant content, serendipitous Zhu Sujin The original script and other reasons, Zhang Yimou had the idea of shooting film. According to the special edition of "where did the stunt come from" released today, at the beginning of the film's creation, the director discussed the decision to completely overturn the concept of "stuntman", reversing the previous "stuntman" story's invisibility or tragic fate.


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In order to build a unique "double" story, Zhang Yimou and creative staff behind the scenes for drama "fight" for many times, from the choice of dark and light tragedy, the character and background setting, and then to "double" end to finalize, only to be able to create a satisfactory script, to this end, Zhang Yimou excited wave even strike table for many times, in the meeting with the team "debate". It is reported that from the original conception to the final birth, before and after a period of four years.


The plot twist faces up to the complexity of human nature, and the blackening of "stand-ins" has triggered heated discussions among netizens


Zhang Yimou broke the previous personal style in film this time, with black and white and grey as the main tone, and binary philosophy as the core, telling a different "stand-in" story. He strives for perfection in the play, digging deep into the gray range of human nature. Through the fate reversal of "stand-in", he presents the complexity and unpredictability of people's hearts, and also reflects the human philosophy of people from the people's congress to the state and family affairs.

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After the release of the film, the identity game between the real body and the "stand-in" became a hot topic among the netizens, which should have become the shadow of the victim in the game of strategy. It also led viewers to wonder "who's who?" ", "is it right or wrong for the state to counter murder?" ", "what is the main reason for shadow 'blackening'?" The discussion. "It's not about who's a stand-in, it's about the people with different interests," one user said. "The best thing about 'shadow' is that it reveals the subtleties of human nature," said another.


With the continuous story of "stand-in" and the meticulous human characterization, the focus of "shadow" has been high on all platforms. Some fans are candid about the fact that many plot blanks in the film are "extremely fearful" and need to be brushed several times before they can be understood. Moreover, the audience spontaneously organized the group activity of "inviting parents to watch film", saying that 16 years ago, parents accompanied them to watch "hero", 16 years later, parents must watch "film", which belongs to a generation of "Zhang Yimou feelings". With the continuous ferment of "shadow" effect, "shadow" is expected to usher in another peak of viewing after the National Day holiday.


It is reported that Zhang Yimou directed by Zhang Yimou, starring Deng Chao, Betty Sun, Ryan, Qianyuan Wang, Hu Jun, Wang Jingchun, Xiaotong Guan, Lei Wu, produced by Letv pictures (Beijing) co., LTD, Shanghai tencent pictures culture communication co., LTD and perfect weixiu entertainment (Hong Kong) co., LTD. Bona film group co., LTD., Hong Kong tencent film co., LTD., tianjin maoyan micro-film culture media co., LTD., and zhejiang bodi film co., LTD. Jointly produced the action drama film "shadow", which is currently popular in various theaters nationwide. The documentary, Zhang Yimou and his "shadow", will also be released nationwide on October 12 as a giant egg for the positive film.

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