Swinging brought in mini yang ethan juan to co-create the 2018 summer break hot style

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Star connection news: adapted from the movie, co-produced by lime meng film, lime meng yue xin and penguin movie Return to the world The queen of Swinging, Yanyan Jie The writers, Yang Wenjun , Ze Xie Co-directed by li CAI, Yang Xiaopei As chief producer, The Mini Yang , Ethan Juan Starring, Yijun Liu, , Chin - sung Wang Starring, Vengo Gao , Yi Lai, , Zhang Yaqin , Ke Hu, , Han Yu Gao , Huang Ming , Yixiao Li , Long Jiang Co-starring TV drama Swinging "Last night (August 13) in zhejiang satellite TV high energy finale, and tencent video members to pull up the first, the single network broadcast volume first, zhejiang satellite TV weekly broadcast theater first three records in tencent video, zhejiang satellite TV concluded successfully. "Swinging" break traditional thinking, in order to experience real dimension joint group of young, is the kernel spirit with the champ, mix output growth experiences and beliefs and values, emotional view multiple propositions, such as more abroad spread Chinese excellent culture, show the spirit of The Times of the elevated high implements a content to reflect the reality of ecological, social thinking discussion and transfer responsibility mission of cultural self-confidence.

Network broadcast TV ratings are widely reported: the clash stood out for a summer

Since June 18th week in zhejiang TV broadcast theater premiere, "Swinging" broadcast performance and network topics triumphantly, strong performance, the MSC become another record high ratings zhejiang TV broadcast theater viewing champion, and repeatedly in week TV broadcast at the same time period the first theatre, in the highest ratings higher 1.088 CSM52 city, broke the highest ratings week of zhejiang TV play theatre history. In addition,Swingingcontinued to attract more audiences with its strong content appeal, with 250 million viewers playing on tencent video every day and 13.72 billion playing on single channel.

Behind the amazing broadcast results is the continuous high Internet popularity. According to some data, with the piggy back plot development, potus occupied the hot search list with 128 times during the broadcast, up to 9 times in a single day, which aroused the continuous attention of audiences both at home and abroad. In addition, the discussion volume of the "Swinging" has broken through the 100 million mark. The main topic, the TV series, has a reading volume of 4.78 billion and a discussion volume of 177.35 million. The extended topics such as the #, #, #, #, #, #, #, #, #, #, #, #, #, #. Based on the reality to deliver the growth discourse and the expression way of integrating life with emotional warmth has built a good communication bridge with the audience. The value attitude conveyed is highly consistent with the concept of young people nowadays, which has triggered a sustained upsurge of resonance and communication, showing a high body temperature.

National drama went to sea across the circle: multi-domain and multi-dimensional shading of the charm of Swinging

National opera is becoming a new hot "area" cultural trade, "Swinging" with its abundant spiritual kernel and rich culture of sail abroad, is being translated into German, Italian, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Hungarian, etc, the 17 languages in overseas broadcast live video website such as YouTube, physically join Chinese practice of carrying forward and spreading advanced culture.Swinginghas become the fastest YouTube channel with over one million hits on Chinese TV series. It has been the number one among Chinese TV series in 28 days after its launch, with a total of over 25 million views. In addition, it ranked the top of all the hits of all ASTRO JJ Lin's Chinese shows launched this year. In addition, it ranked the first place for Chinese dramas during the period of Rakuten Viki's cumulative total viewing, daily viewing, and cumulative increase of fans during the same period. In addition to its high volume,Swinginghas been well received by overseas audiences. Up to now, published drama has a 4.8-point (out of 5) score at DramaFever, ranking the first place for four consecutive weeks. In Rakuten Viki, 2,356 audiences have an average score of 9.7 (out of 10). In addition,Swingingparticipated in the biggest TV festival in central and eastern Europe. It also attracted the enthusiasm of the Pakistani people for watching TV dramas, which fully demonstrated the strong concern of both the industry and the outside world for the sailing of national dramas.

At the same time,Swinginghas stepped out of the scope of film and television, with its cultural essence, growth selection of characters, emotional mode and other topics crossing the circle. It has aroused wide discussions among public opinion leaders on weibo, WeChat and other platforms and fields. There are poetic interpretation of ancient rhymes, emotional interpretation of deep emotional relationships, entertainment communication of tears of laughter, and multi-dimensional transfer of real temperature. During the broadcast, audiences at home and abroad actively produced images of theSwinginggame, imitated the characters on the short video platform, and spread the beauty of Chinese civilization with the series in various excellent cultural forms such as folk music and folk dance, which again highlighted the unique charm of the Swinging's realistic attention and cultural inheritance.

"Swinging", in fact, was able to strong summer break in 2018, the key lies in "three", namely the real temperature of the emotional care, culture and thinking of full thickness and strength of a naked, three kernel as story throughout the course of the plot with master the plot arrangement, the disintegration of the figures together, focus on real positive energy, blunt proposition for growth, will the young people to deal with trouble, more fell more resilient yong the tenacity of accurate characterization and effectively communicate it, thus caused wide resonance and identity, Let go of the shackles of love and love, let go of the great values of love, let go of love, let go of love, let go of love, let go of love, let go of love, let go of love. I can't give up my loyalty and betray my own heart "and other positive lines won official media thumb up. As the general producerYang Xiaopeisaid, "in any project we do, the most important thing is the story. It's about seeing the story, whether it's touched, whether it's realistic, whether it's imaginative." The plot ofSwingingand emotional development go hand in hand, moving forward layer by layer. From taiyuan to tianshou, to xuji and dome, with the growth of Swinging, the drama's grand world view was spread out and presented to the audience concretely. Under the premise of abundant characters and multiple suspense,Swingingalways maintained a fast rhythm and strong plot, which became a driving force for the sustained popularity of drama among both domestic and overseas audiences.

As "Swinging" perfection, a lot of the audience as the message says, "give up"Swinging"finale, nearly two months handSwingingthrough the difficult wuzhou grow together,Swingingunswerving blood burning soul pure heart and brave to break the destiny problem deeply inspired me, feel and thank"Swinging"harvest", "this summer is ignited by"Swinging"blood feelings of a summer, persistent dream on the way to thank the company of Swinging, vigor will never die, Living up to the original heart and moving forward bravely ", the 2018 summer festival left a vivid memory in the hearts of millions of audience, and my heart will burn forever and my blood will go to infinity.

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