Wang haoxuan “sand sea” suwan all the way to grow soft “cash machine” advanced smart bearing

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Star relation news: produced by penguin movies, southern pan entertainment, video saymetro, adapted from Xu Lei The season series of the novel of the same name Sand Sea "" is in the hot air on tencent video. Among them, by the new generation after 90 actor Wang HaoXuan Su wan, who plays su wan in the early stage, has won a lot of fans because of her warm and sincere image. She is not only a good brother. Lei Wu The "human meat ATM" is also the "soft and gold" of the invincible lovely. With the development of the plot, the fate of people inSand Seahas changed dramatically. The once warm sunshine boy gradually grows into a smart boy who can solve the crisis. This week, suwan will unlock the new attribute and become the team's "tact", winning the title of "king of golden sentence"!

The clever boy is clever enough to see through We call everyone online

Plot in the last week, Sue wan will be in the hands of the mystery tape to repair shop repair, unexpectedly was targeted by the shop boss, I do not know with what her gizzard boss wanted to buy the old tape, be clever refused to Sue wan, indeed as expected wit the little prince, a big fool tricks instantaneous break work, friends have to Sue the wit a call. Seeing that the boss could not be fooled, he even informed the boss behind the scene, Mr. Kim, who made the tape so clear and claimed to be able to interpret the above information. Will suwan be beaten by Mr. Kim this time? How will he deal with such a difficult opponent? The answer is coming!

The sunshine boy is full of vigor and vitality pursuing a dream on the field The warm and adorable character makes fans super happy

Since "Sand Sea" has been broadcast more than 1.4 billion times, and the number of weibo topics has reached 1.7 billion, making it one of the most popular topics on the Internet. The leading actor in "Sand Sea" has also received a lot of attention, including Wang HaoXuan's "somebody else's buddy" suwan.Wang HaoXuancan be seen from his micro blog that he is a loyal fan in private. During the World Cup, he not only talks about football with his fans, but also likes to play in person. From time to time, he takes the role of a football boy to play football. When talking about what he likes,Wang HaoXuancan turn into a sunny boy for a long time. It seems that su wan in "Sand Sea" has a similar personality toWang HaoXuanin real life. Not only that,Wang HaoXuanis also a genuine pet fan, often interacting with fans in a passionate way. His down-to-earth and warm personality makes him an instant fan.

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