Zhang Youhao attended Dream Breaker premiere. China and Japan team work together.

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Linkeddb News November 5   On November 4, directed by han yan, Sion Sono (Japan) production supervisor, Song Weilong , Duling Chen , Youhao Zhang The starring film "the broken dream game" held its premiere in Beijing. As China's first "cyberpunk" style sci-fi film, previously exposed avant-garde sense of technology materials have great visual impact. Youhao Zhang, who plays the programmer sushi in the film, also broke through The Times and made a handsome appearance. The warm-up effect had an intimate interaction with Duling Chen and humorously Shared the feelings of "defective products" in the play.

Youhao Zhang and Duling Chen feed the sushi warm value Max

In the film, Youhao Zhang plays sushi, which is regarded as the "defective" in the game world. Speaking about the casting process, Youhao Zhang said that playing a virtual character for the first time, and also a defective, is not a defect but a challenge, because he is different. Because of this, sushi has a very warm feelings, to jiang han without reservation pay. At the premiere, Youhao Zhang got the sushi prepared by the staff first and ate it by himself, and then fed it to Duling Chen in close interaction. The warm in and out of the play, and the interesting character also made the audience call it lovely.

In the play, sunshine boy, the warm-blooded teen is a cat slave

In the play, Youhao Zhang is a warm-hearted cat slave. Not only will frequently buy necessities for the cat, but also said to be on time at 12 o 'clock on the day of double eleven, to buy food for the cat cat litter, the warm-blooded youth is also a very big family boy

The film will be released nationwide on November 9, when you can not only see Youhao Zhang's "burning" and "blasting" play, but also the delicate feelings of the line is also wonderful.

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