Aragaki Yui and Hoshino Gen may flash marriage they fall in love with the film“Escape though Shameful but Useful”

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Recently, the Japanese popular actress Aragaki Yui  was reported to have flash marriage this year. The gossip object was Hoshino Gen, a male singer who had co-operated on“Escape though shameful but useful”.At the end of 2016 the two photographed “Escape though shameful but useful” get to know each other .When Aragaki Yui and Hoshino Gen has been rated screen couples, they gradually developed a favorable impression after the film. Before the media even broke the news that Hoshino Gen Moving to the Aragaki Yui Community and making it a neighbor, As today's source. Although TBS TV was actively preparing for the opening of the film, “Fearless 2”, it was pointed out that Aragaki Yui and Hoshino Gen were really dating, and they refused to perform the show for the low-key protection.


On June 11th, the 30th birthday of Aragaki Yui , who had been interviewed, said that the most wanted thing at the age of 30 is to get married. At that time, she expressed the hope that both of them would have their own time to share their happiness together after marriage. If we do housework, we also hope that the two can share it together.


Look forward to the goddess wearing a wedding dress as soon as possible.


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