Wang yibo fashion magazine cover goes out of the box to play with the future

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Linkeddb News October 11 Recently, a popular idol Wang Yibo The cover film that is invited for "men's fashion" is exposed, in the clear and empty space full of sense of future, follow the blue vehicle that leads to the future to show true self to break out of the preset, along with the sex unruly and modern gorgeous interlock is presented, the extraordinary fashion talent between raise hand and throw gives everybody a unique visual feast. The teenager carries pack to go far away from home on the back, the trend street breeze broad leg trousers and irregular layer fold the jacket deducts the trend attitude that belongs to him, purple baseball uniform collides the vigor factor that gives heat full mark, the youth scorching eye is full of curious feeling to the world and explore desire, with the vigor of fresh coat angry horse decorates the purest journey. Wang Yibo, who is full of energy, is confident to the rapidly changing world. Blue velvet suit and pointed shoes show the elegance of a gentleman, firm and confident. Wearing a mink coat with exaggerated leap of pompous earring, the cool and arrogant ruffian was all over the field, and the king manner of showing all the world shocked the audience, which made people unconsciously fall into the trend vortex of Wang Yibo.

JPG Wang Yibo, who has accumulated so much energy, is confident of a rapidly changing world

JPG on the cover of Wang Yibo's men's fashion


JPG, Wang Yibo looks cool in a mink overcoat

Purple baseball uniform hits thermal full marks energy factor. JPG

Wang Yibo breaks out of preset.jpg

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Wang Yibo wears a blue velvet suit with pointed shoes to show his elegance. JPG

Wang Yibo embellishes the purest of the journey with the youthful energy of a horse in fresh clothes. JPG

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