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DC universe is completely new .new superman movie Cosmopolis will be redeveloped

Warner Bros recently announced a big move, they will collaborate with the animation of a new DC brand changed its name to the DC Universe online.

At present, the DC universe has determined that there are real-life dramas "Titan" " Cosmopolis " and the newly-established "Swamp Thing" and the animations include the "Young Justice: Outsiders" in the new season of " YoungJustice ," and the adult "Harry Quinn" animation.thereinto Cosmopolis was pointed out to be redeveloped. The newly-developed play tells about the fact that Superman has not yet come to Cosmopolis . Lois and Lex conducted a marginal science investigation to expose the dark and strange secret behind Cosmopolis.

As for the Marsh Aliens , scheduled to go online in 19 years, written by Mark Verheiden and Gary Dauberman , Abby Arcane, an investigator at the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, returned to his hometown in Houma, Louisiana. She intended to investigate the deadly swamp virus. He fell in love with scientist Alec Holland, but later Alec died. At the same time, there are stock forces who want to use the mysterious swamp to achieve their personal goals. Abby had to continue to discover the secrets of the swamp... but she also discovered that her lover may not be dead. The protagonist of the Swamp Profile was transformed into a swampy monster and was adapted into two films.

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