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C.t.o.' li zhen wei's birthday harvest cake face wash challenge group prank


Linkeddb News November 8& have spent C.T.O. Li Zhen Wei turned 20, and the other five members gave their birthday wishes at midnight on the 8th.

& have spent & have spent & have spent With the title of "funny men's team", C.T.O. rarely shows his emotional side on Li Zhen's birthday. Yang zixin, Zi Wang Ning, ZhanShiWei, yu-qing weng, ehschein five members in weibo blessed Li Zhen weft on the video, in the face of the lens of their true feelings, in the happy birthday to vibration weft 20 years old, also on the 10 years after the message to him, like the music that you love that their vibration weft career achievement, also hope that after 10 years of C.T.O six friendship remains the same. Li zhenwei also left a message saying that it was a special birthday gift and that he would continue to work hard to get better.

CTO men's team wishes for zhenwei's birthday. JPG

& have spent & have spent & have spent Mass seldom have such a sweet moment, but it was not long before, they are collective broke the atmosphere, so soon after the blessing released video, official and issued a "surprise" birthday video, film C.T.O several other members to wake up the sleeping Li Zhen weft, wash a face on the cake for its super big benefits, make their first day at the age of 20 will have a "sweet memories".

& have spent & have spent & have spent As the youngest member of the youth league, Li Zhen wei was often "education" by the other five brothers. In previous variety shows and activities, members often mentioned that because Li Zhen wei was the youngest and his thinking was always out of the situation, he was often "fooled" by people without meaning to. But in order to get rid of the fate has always been "bullied", Li Zhen weft through weibo opens the path to "deceives the groups bully to advance" plan, to "trick" of each member, has successfully completed the challenge to four members, including locked ZhanShiWei in toilet, unplug is ehschein headphones listening to music, in the sleeping yu-qing weng face painting, cut the Yang Zixin socks out of the hole, and the last remaining Zi Wang ning is also the most bad "deal with" within the group a, I don't know Li Zhen weft will use what kind of way to finish the last straw. Of course, even though Li Zhen had a good time on the tour DE force challenge, fans expressed their concern that he would be beaten up five times after all the members.

Nycko wash face. JPG

Li Zhen wei birthday. JPG

& have spent & have spent & have spent Although the private members often joke, but on the stage they always can withstand the test. Recently, the men's party of C.T.O was invited to attend the 2018 ELLE style awards held in Taipei as a guest performer. At the same time, as the new couple, they also showed their exclusive fashion attitude, and the youth British style as red carpet dressing was full of vitality, while the iconic cool black style was praised in the performance, which gained a lot of attention on the scene.


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