Many years late for you

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" Many years late for you "To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the reform and opening up and encourage the youth industry

MuJianFeng ( Xiaoming Huang (yiqin zhao) Qin Hailu After getting married, she travels to Pakistan to help build a railway. Molly ( Yin Tao Act the role ofing) as Guo Dong The sea, He Zhang (he goes abroad to study for a doctor of medicine. Ten years of time point to, many people have returned home, mu jianfeng initial heart does not change, want to start a new business. By Xiaoming Huang, Yin Tao, Qin Hailu, Bingkun Cao Many years late for you, a TV drama starring the leading role in the reform and opening ceremony, is being broadcast in the golden eagle theater of hunan TV. The show debuted yesterday at the 2018 Beijing TV show fair (autumn), which celebrates the 40th anniversary of reform and opening-up Peng Sanyuan Attended the scene together with Xiaoming Huang and Yin Tao, narrated the original intention and the journey of creation.

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Ten years to build the glory back mu jianfeng "roll up sleeves" to start up again

In the drama broadcast last night, mu jianfeng and zhao yiqin in the high chief ( Guangbei Zhang The couple then went to Pakistan to help build a railway. Ten years after the completion of reconstruction, mu jianfeng boldness increased, entrepreneurial ideal rekindled, planning to "invite experts, research and development, dry entity, do products". Second, mu jianfeng focus on mastering the core technology. While serving as the project director of the assistance project, mu jianfeng learned about the technical consultant professor shuping ( Yaoxuan Shu We want to invite them to join us and produce a new generation of domestic switch. But because of the fraud, shuping did not trust the businessman, mu jianfeng three visits but repeatedly hit the wall, for a while no way. Mu jianfeng will be invited with what means shuping "out of the mountains"? Is the second entrepreneurship plain sailing? The following wonderful story is worth looking forward to.

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"Many years" is dedicated to the 40th anniversary of reform and opening-up to deliver the positive energy of "industry xingbang"

"Many years late for you" is a drama dedicated to the 40th anniversary of China's reform and opening up. It tells the story of the arduous struggle of a generation of ambitious young people with dreams of industrial development. During the press conference to celebrate the 40th anniversary of reform and opening-up, the scriptwriter Peng Sanyuan told a story about his initial intention to create a TV drama, saying that he was born in a great era and had the responsibility to tell a good story about China's 40 years of reform and opening-up.

As the actor playing mu jianfeng, Xiaoming Huang expressed his understanding of the role with the eight characters of "taking dreams as horses and doing things to boost the nation". Xiaoming Huang said that the role name "mu jianfeng" implied the spring breeze of reform and opening up, and set up national industry for the construction of the country. The positive energy delivered by TV series and characters needs to be passed down and promoted by the new generation of young people. Everyone has to roll up their sleeves and work hard!

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