Get my brother away' warm heart closing official tan quan exhibition comedy potential performance was praised

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Star connection message: People also ask , A thousand , tan quan and other leading actors' coming-of-age comedy Get my brother away "Yesterday ushered in a warm end. "Get my brother away" has been the focus of attention since it aired, and it has been playing well. Among them, tan quan plays cheng hao, the "son on campus", who is straightforward and brave. After a series of youth experiences with his partners, such as time (People also ask) and huayao (hu yongtao), Chen hao's kindness and warmth gradually emerge. Imaginative avatars "scriptwriter" comfort looking for grandpa's long live plot, in which two attributes are completely exposed and contract countless funny points. In the finale, cheng hao man also found the youth of his own efforts in the direction of the new journey of life. Many netizens express their reluctance to part with their new works.

In addition to those who are fond of his personality, tan quan's exquisite acting has also been recognized by the audience. Through the supplementary filling of the tiny movements and facial expressions of the characters, the whole character is more vivid, fully demonstrating its comedy potential and its power circle of fans. As one of the most powerful young actors in the film circle, tan quan has trained numerous excellent actors for the entertainment industry Liu, Tianchi Teacher, acting potential is not to be underestimated. In the new series Animal Management Bureau In the film, tan quan will go on line with surprise in her silver hair style. In 2018, tan quan will also have many excellent works such as "18 little things of first love", which are urgently needed to meet the audience and continue to be wonderful.

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