Woe to a table of burritos? when deng lun's friends delete, they feel sorry for deng lun

A plate of pancakes? Deng Lun After the second to delete Internet users: heartache Deng Lun

Recently, a netizen revealed that Deng Lun's global support group raised 90,000 yuan for his new play. Later, the conference issued a statement explaining that the food trucks had been prepared, but because the town could not get into the vehicles, local specialty snacks were prepared, and said that the gift report and account details will be made public.

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Deng Lun also tweeted his thanks to his fans, "thanks to all those who love me. Thanks to all of you who came from far away today. I have received all your love. Warm, happy, happy. Let me be proud of your company. You are the best. Nothing, I will continue to fuel! Without further ado, we are always there for you. Opinions vary.

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Recently, Deng Lun's global support group published a post on weibo, tearing up the studio's employees, angrily accusing them of crushing management.

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After that,Deng Lunglobal backer will delete immediately, and then clarify that the backer has not published this article, please black account and stolen account self-respect! The move caused a stir online.

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Some net friends joked that the club has announced the dissolution of the original, estimated that which was disbanded want to finally jump and jump, you look at the people to see not rising actors, estimated that the people want to dump the artist's own career!

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Deng Lun is warm and polite, and his acting and appearance are both online. He hopes to pay more attention to the actors' works, live up to the efforts of the actors and the crew, and deal with his fans.

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Deng Lun was apparently tired and had no smile at all.

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Netizens said 10,000 heartbroken Deng Lun. GiveDeng Lunaway! He also consoledDeng Lunthat he had never seen any big waves in so many years. Deng Lun!"

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Deng Lun was born in shijiazhuang, hebei province. He is a Chinese actor of film and television. He graduated from the acting department of Shanghai theater academy. In 2012, I acted in my first TV drama Flowers In Fog ", thus formally into the entertainment circle.Deng Lunhas excellent acting skills in The Ode to Joy 2 In the film, xie tong, the singer of rock and roll, is depicted as three-dimensional and vivid, and the changes of the characters' attitudes towards people before and after they fall in love are explained in a vivid and natural way.Deng Lunand traffic floret Zi Yang, Starring in the hit drama Ashes of Love/Heavy Sweetness Ash like forst "Perfect finish. The role of "xu feng" in the play has become the flow of the entertainment industry. Small make up think the net friends also don't want person cloud, much attention male god's work is not happy!

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