Master' by hao shuai breaks through to challenge the villain for the first time

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Star connection September 28Recently, by the Yang Yang (actor) , Jiang Shuying Starring hao shuai, Jun Li Youth and passion drama The Master It's official. The new generation of popular baby hao shuai first challenge the role of villain, jiajia trade association chairman Chen yihui in the play, exciting expectations.

Master is adapted from butterfly blue's popular book of the same name, directed by November. Fang Fang , Yang Xiaopei As chief producer, Hua - Tao Teng Chief supervisor of production. Hao shuai plays Chen yihui, the President of jia dynasty guild and the top enemy of ye xiu (Yang Yang (actor)).

Since the battle for the screen, the new generation popular young student hao shuai has performed a number of Anti-Japanese War plays, whether it is" TheTakingOfTigerMountain "Or" the grand master, "or" In the meter "And its military role is impressive. A change before the positive role, deduce the villain is also a big challenge, hao shuai also said: "because of the role of Chen night and a far cry from what one's own character, want to perfect deduce the role of the heart is a challenge, hope can through his interpretation of the role of Chen night, let everybody understand the role, also hope you can like this is a bit crooked. "

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