Lu chao to' everyday up 'net user: wearing a wig' national son-in-law 'mother-in-law is not disgusted

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Linkeddb News October 23& have spent Recently, "good brother" lu chao was invited to participate in hunan satellite TV's "day day up" program recording. Show the sceneLi Han hsiang -,Wang Han (host), Da Zhangwei , Dai Jun Other famous mouth hosts have come out to discuss the topic of "male health and health" together, focusing on the sub-health condition of modern men under the double pressure of work and life, especially the situation that more and more young men have hair loss and premature baldness appears frequently. As a representative of men suffering from hair loss, lu chao consulted with health care experts on his worry about hair loss.

All the Zhi Zhou Lu chao, as the initiator of "good health", has a thousand-year invariable red shirt, Mediterranean hair style and the shooting Angle like a document photograph, no matter good situation or adversity can feel the beauty of life, guide the net friends to adjust good attitude grateful life, live in the moment feeling "good". Lu chao himself doesn't care about people's teasing of his image, and he always sends blessings to netizens every day. With his sincerity and persistence, he sets up a new benchmark to spread positive energy in the Internet celebrity circle, triggering a round of "good body" processing upsurge among netizens. Jingfei Guo , Zhou Yunpeng , Yangshulin And the Internet celebrity papi jiang and other entertainers have also participated in this, xinhua news agency and other mainstream media have also adopted "good body" for the earth to spread.

It is understood that lu chao is BeijingZheng YunCultural media studios under the actors. Zheng yun studio years engaged in positive energy comedy creation work. From the studio was founded in 2006, a total of create positive energy micro films more than more than 2000, so video playback volume of more than 20 billion people, they are aimed at by the audience favorite funny comedy style, receives the media self-discipline and social responsibility of spreading positive energy to grounding gas, film and television creation, the director and the first film starring Zheng YunStop! The thieves"" will be released before the Spring Festival in 2019, and lu chao has excellent shots to present in the film, expecting fans of zheng's team to say it will be a sumptuous spiritual feast.

Elwin said at the scene of the show, usually work in the creation of the pressure is very big, but in order to give the audience a better performance, in order to make the spread of the works of their own creation positive energy can better loved by the audience and receive information, you must either fear pressure, grasped the nettle and for honing the script and their performance skills, sometimes will inevitably result in a sleep time not guaranteed, hair loss phenomenon is increasingly serious, eventually becoming the "Mediterranean". Some helpless, but still very happy, for the dream fought even if pay again will not regret.

In order to help those who lose their hair to find the feeling of full hair, the program arranged professional stylists to put on a wig for lu chao at the scene and instantly found their long-lost confidence. "After wearing the wig, lu chao seemed to be a different person, not only looking young, but also the level of appearance has also improved several levels," the audience commented.

In addition, on the day when the program was recorded, it was the tenth anniversary of the program. Lu chao sent his birthday wishes to the program team, expressing his support and sincere wishes to the program in a unique way. The program will be broadcast on October 28, and many netizens have expressed their expectation. One netizen said, "it is not easy for everyone who struggles to live a life without being afraid of being exhausted both physically and mentally. Now, the most happy thing every day is to see every blessing that lu chao sends, and to feel the physical and mental pleasure in the process of waiting for every "good" to appear. It can be said that every literary and artistic practitioner is not easy to create, day and night. To all positive literary and art creators every effort, every drop of sweat!" & have spent

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