Yu-Ning Tsao's latest blockbuster exposure, fresh cure, warmth and temperament

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Recently, Yu-Ning Tsao , an actor of Youyi Media, filmed a set of cover films for "Love Girl" magazine, and the youthful and handsome character showed warmth and enthusiasm. In the photo, Yu-Ning Tsao is wearing a blue plaid shirt with a white T-shirt. The whole look is clean and fresh, showing the youthful charm of the next boy. Clean and simple eyes are cute and cute, and the expression of the mouth is accompanied by a slightly messy hair style. It is a foul, and the netizens have liked the message: I can’t help but think!

Recently, the film " Interpersonal relations " starring Yu-Ning Tsao is being broadcasted. In the play, he plays the warm-hearted actor Sean Zhang, who is dedicated to solving the problems in interpersonal relationships. His exquisite external image and the real and natural interpretation of the drama touched many netizens and said that they had been circled. The show is still in the hit, looking forward to his next performance!

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