22 years without scandal, his wife fell into disfigurement by accident, but he spoiled her as a princess

22 years of zero scandal, his wife accidentally fell into disfigurement, but he was a princess

The entertainment industry now has a lot of acting skills not bad, not bad looks, but is not tepid some stars, although it has never given up on their own path, has always brought audiences good works. Today I want to tell you about such a star, he called Xin Gao .

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Xin Gao, graduated from the performance department of Beijing film academy. He was born into a family of performing arts, and his grandfather was an old artist. Comfort is well known as "zhang lingfu" in red sun.Xin Gaohas been immersed in art since childhood.

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In 1996,Xin Gaostarred in his first TV series, San Mao, a wandering mind ", thus formally into the entertainment circle. Four years of experience in the entertainment industry. Qingshenshenyumengmeng "In the play lu erhao, become a level of appearance and acting strength Across the river. He also won the golden bell award for best new artist for his TV series Qingshenshenyumengmeng.

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Later, he also starred in many excellent TV series and movies, such as Be Happy "," Battle of according to "," Surgical Storm "," Nirvana in the Fire "," Razor Edge, "," Daddys Home "," Hunter, "And so on. Despite his acting skills, his level of physical appearance has been tepid. He returned to the public eye with "Nirvana in Fire," starring as "du siyuan" and "Daddys Home. Xin Jiang Play husband and wife, mature handsome, the sunshine boy image that has responsibility to undertake, be loved deeply by broad audience. He broke the image of "cultural youth" in the past, undoubtedly bringing a new look to his career.

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Actually, in the deep rain of love Alec Su , Zhao Wei , Leo Ku Wait for a few big lead actor to develop very good.Xin Gaowas once the most promising actor in the entertainment industry. However, the weather is unpredictable and people are at stake. In 2000, The Unforgettable Memory The accidental fall disfigured the horse severely. Although he was on his way to a career, he pushed off all the films and accompanied her to seek medical treatment.

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The two are said to have known each other since they met as sisters in Qingshenshenyumengmeng. In The beginning, before The Unforgettable Memory, I was just a good friend to Xin Gao. ButXin Gaoliked her.Xin Gaoonce said, "at the age of 30, you have not married. I will marry you." However, the accident also contributed to the marriage, and the two were arguably the most beautiful people in the Xin Gao. Although missed the career rise period, but harvest a happy family.Xin GaoThe Memory has become an enviable couples in The entertainment industry.Xin Gaohas been dating for 22 years and his wife was disfigured by a horse accident. The two married with a daughter, happy family of three.

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However, media reports say the two have divorced.Xin Gaohas been spotted taking her daughter and a woman to the mall. The majority of net friends heard this news SOB unceasingly, expresses cannot believe in succession. Some media have also verified that his agent has been denied, the parties did not respond to the matter, may be not necessary it! According to their profile, the couple's marriage did not appear to be in trouble. Some net friends, always like to take out of context, for misinformation. These days,Xin Gaoand zhang yinan have had a good career, and zhang yinan also has excellent performances in many popular TV series, such as the beautiful declaration of daughter-in-law and Beautiful Li HuiZhen ", etc.

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Xin Gao recently posted a photo of her daughter, taking her "little valentine" for a summer vacation. In addition to his onscreen persona, Xin Gao's ability to portray the character is largely a reflection of his character. Whether or not he can achieve great success in his career, he is also worthy of praise for his family, responsibility and responsibility. We also expect god to be happy all the time!

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