“This pair of Meteor Garden” actors table analysis of dong shan vegetables most face paralysis road Ming temple most unpleasing"

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The 2018 edition of theMeteor Garden"Is currently on the air because of the expectation of the old version of true love fans and the efforts of the old version's leading actors to preheat the show, which has greatly influenced the existence of the show from casting, shooting to premiere. Just to everyone's surprise, this pair ofMeteor Gardenwas ridiculed by the entire network before the show was half over. The lines, dubbing and acting performance of this pair were released in minutes. "This is probably the hottest F4 and fir dish of this century," wrote one Internet user, without mercy.

This pair ofMeteor Gardenis a powerful example of this pair of Meteor Garden.

Dong Sha food (Shen make)

Dong shan CAI has the "weed spirit" extremely, turns into the mingde university but is out of place with the classmates. Because sugiri was not used to the domineering appearance of the temple, he had a dispute with him, and since then, the temple often played tricks on them.

Obviously, he is a very inspirational person, butShen makeUSES his uncharacteristic appearance and acting skills to bring dong shan CAI's character down hard. He also has the strength to perform facial paralysis, showing an expression of anger, panic, injustice and shock. Add to that a short, burly figure and the dish has been ridiculed as the worst ever.

Way clear temple (Wang Hedi)

Daoming temple is the second generation of rich people with beautiful sunshine and rich family. In the university of mingde, there was a dispute between them.

The adapted lines depict the daoming temple, a rich second generation, as a lonely second generation of the family degradation history, that yearJerry YanThe line of the version is that there is nothing in the world that cannot be bought with money, but the new version has become to buy you delicious snacks and give you game COINS. Although the former students with poor scores have become excellent students in the financial world through efforts, the severely reduced property still makes the Internet users cannot help laughing.

And the character of the new version of the road Ming temple is not at all pleasant, often angry, and a bit of irritability, netizens can not help but cry directly, "such a bully boys do not really see where to be liked."

Flower ze class (Hong Guan)

Huazawa, like dao Ming temple, comes from wealthy families. The situation is often very bad because taxus offended the dao Ming temple, but in every critical moment, huazawa will appear to help and help them out.

Sunshine boy huaze has been described as a man who is cheating and playing with women's feelings. He wants to get involved in the relationship between sugihara and daoming temple, and ask sugiri to hide them from the temple.

Feng mei for (Liang Jing Kang,)

Feng meizuo is one of the F4 members of mingde university.

The beauty of the play is a romantic playboy, ruffian ruffian character and very important friendship. But apart from being able to see the appearance level and the topic of changing 13 clothes in an episode, this feng meizuo really doesn't have much sense of existence.

XiMenYan (Wu Xi Ze)

Nishiyama is a member of the F4 of the university of mingde.

Whether Taiwan version, Japanese version has more than ten years, han edition also nearly ten years, but in addition to quality, a new version of "Meteor Garden" don't see any progress, more is the history of the trough point, coupled with intensive and stiff insert ads, strange can't persuade the public aesthetic version of "Meteor Garden" is complete with full screen trough point to let everyone remember it deeply.

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